Thursday, March 16, 2017

Karen’s Pirate Life…Where are they now?

Lenzie – Totally neglectful blogger who spends all of her free time with her sweet boy, Porter.
Yes, it's a snapchat filter! Snapchat filters are life! Seriously y'all, it's like some type of wizardry. 

Jacob – Still utterly ridiculous and churning out quality Jacobisms on the daily.
He bought a tractor, Lord help me.

Porter – New boss of the house. It’s his world and we are living in it.
This nugget is perfect. I know that I'm completely biased and he can totally be a wild animal, but he's too cute!

Milo – Neglected older brother of the golden child Porter
They're "best friends", if your best friend constantly terrorizes you and takes every opportunity to block your path and/or hide your bone. 

I’m coming back! I need a creative outlet after taking a couple of years off and I have lots to share. I’ll start with my birth story and continue from there! See you soon!

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