Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I Know About Kids

Hello Readers! Happy Tuesday! I’m back in the mix of things as we returned precious Laners last week to his parents, boo! We miss him already!  We had a great time last week. We went to the zoo, the fire station, to ride the train at the park and we swam and played a lot. I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned about kids. I’m sure most of you are now rolling your eye and thinking, “Lenzie, you don’t have kids, therefore, you must know nothing about them!” Well, you’re partly correct, I do not have kids, but I have learned a few things about them from being an aunt and I thought I’d share them.

1.      Kids do NOT like to hear the word NO, or any form of the word. You could be saying, “Don’t poke yourself in the eye”, but just by saying DON’T it evokes such a strong “reaction” to the word it is better left unsaid. Please note that I am the AUNT so I can give in a bit more easily than a parent. Instead of NO, DON’T, STOP, NOT we say let’s do this instead or just distract away from the initial action. That seems to work so far. I do not like to hear the word NO either, so I can’t say that I disagree with the sentiment.

2.      Kids are surely a bit bi-polar. They can go from Happy to Meltdown in 0.2 seconds and for no particular reason. These are some of the reasons I’ve made precious Laners cry/whine this week:

a.      We had to drive through the tunnel to get to the zoo instead of going to the zoo and then the tunnel.

b.      I would NOT let him roll the window down while driving through the drive thru safari while an emu looked right at us with a death stare.

c.       The same thing happened as (b) but with a deer, a zebra, a crazed monkey and a buffalo.

d.      I would not let him stick his hand inside the Monkey cage to feed the monkey for fear of him being bitten.

e.       We made him leave the zoo to go eat at his favorite Chick-fil-A.

f.        The game was not downloading fast enough for his liking.

g.      His burp cloth had chocolate on it.

h.      I wouldn’t allow him to staple his finger.

i.        He didn’t want to see the Fire truck he had talked about seeing ALL day.

j.        He didn’t want to leave the Fire station he cried about visiting in the first place.

k.       I called his muffin blueberry instead of black olive.

These are just a few of the occurrences of the week. We had such a great time with that little man, even though we made him cry/whine a few times.

3.      Bubbles can solve all problems. I’m not sure if there are drugs in bubbles or if they are just that much fun, but once you start blowing bubbles, either in gum form or soap form, everything is forgotten. Is the kid upset because he can’t go swimming, no problem, just push the trigger on that bubble gun and everything is just fine!

4.      Kids HATE sleeping. I don’t understand why they (Laners) feels the need to wake up at 6:20 AM on the weekend, but he did. He also does not appreciate it when you tell him to go back to bed. If/when that happens, he will almost tear down the blinds to show you that, “It’s light outside Lenlen” so that makes it totally ok to be awake. . .

5.      You can’t have anything nice with kids. These are just a few things that were destroyed/broken while precious Laners was visiting:

a.      Our cream microfiber bar stools. They now adorn chocolate grave stains and ketchup marks. This wasn’t even the stool he was using. I was unaware you had to create a splash zone for toddlers while eating. I also found a piece of macaroni lodged in the stool yesterday. I’m sure I’ll find more surprises later.

b.      Lane somehow pulled up a rock from our shower floor. Our floor is river rock tile.  How he did that, I have NO clue, but he was in the shower and said, “Lenlen, a rock” and showed me the one he pulled from the ground. Haha

c.       Maxi dresses, apparently they make the perfect napkin/tent/bridge. Not only did Lane love it, but precious Jace also initiated me with a projectile spit up. . .

d.      Ipad screen protectors. It looks like my ipad was dragged through the mug and attacked by a wildebeest. I’m not sure how it happened, but otter boxes are a must with kids.

e.       Jeans with holes in the knees. Lane thought that it was a perfect place to hide toy cars, bouncy balls, fake spiders, ect… The holes are now stretched about twice their original size. I’m sure they’ll shrink up once they’re washed.


We had a great time with precious Lane and baby Jace and we did not want to give Lane back, maybe just for a day or two so I could catch up on my sleep, but then we want him back. We sure WISH that they would move closer! We miss those precious boys! Here are some pics from our fun filled week!

Precious brothers

  So EXCITED to be in OKIEhoma
  See, Bubbles cures all things, maybe except crazy faces!
 Aquarium Fun!
   Would NOT take his glasses off!
   Splash Pad Fun
   This is my fun in the sun outfit
 Uncle Jake loved cuddling baby Jace
Have a great 4th of July friends! Be safe!  

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