Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring!!

Happy Spring Readers! I am sure you’re all excited for spring to finally be here! Flip flops & shorts are right around the corner. This also means bugs and swimsuits are also near, both are equally terrifying! With spring comes hours and hours of being outside and especially for those who haven’t entered the “real world” yet, it also means spring break! I wanted to share a few things that I heard on the radio on my way to work today. I don’t know if I’ve told you all how obsessed I am with Wake UP! with Taylor & Kenny on Cosmo Radio.

It is on Sirius 109 and it is great! I have been listening for years! I practically feel like I know them both and that we would be best friends if they ever met me, Haha! Every Wednesday Dr. Wider has a segment over reader questions or anything that might pertain to the current events. Today she mentioned a few things that are super important to me and I wanted to share them with you all. As spring is here, we are now spending so much more time outside. I want to remind/plead you to please wear sunblock (of at least SPF 30-I’m looking at you J & A & JM). Most people do not apply sunblock correctly. How hard could it be, right? Well apparently we are all just uninformed. You should apply about a shot glass full of sunblock every couple of hours while you are outside. It is even better to skip the peak hours when the sun rays are the strongest. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US. MD Anderson says that, “almost half of Americans will have skin cancer by the time they are 65.” Half of Americans!! That is a ridiculously high number! There are a few ways to help you stay proactive in the fight against cancer.

ð Check your skin monthly and look for changes in the ABCD’s of moles/spots.


o   A: Asymmetrical- The spot should be mostly symmetrical.

o   B: Border- The border should be smooth with no raised edges

o   C: Color – The color should stay consistent throughout

o   D: Diameter – Should not be larger than 2mm, think pencil eraser size.

ð See a dermatologist yearly to check any moles that may be irregular. If you notice any changes in the above self-check please have it evaluated by a doctor.

ð Always wear sunblock with a SPF of at least 30, apply liberally and every 2 hours.

ð Wear sunglasses and a hat while outside.

ð Seek shade! It can be an umbrella, tree or anything!

ð Most Importantly: DO NOT USE TANNING BEDS!  


That is enough of my skin cancer lecture, I also want to share something else that was mentioned this morning that stems from the Ohio rape case that occurred last week. I can only speak for myself, but I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation either while traveling or even at home where we felt uncomfortable by someone. Maybe they were being too aggressive or someone was following you home. Maybe you have had too much to drink or were even drugged (this is happening more frequently). There is an App called Circle of 6. You should check out the website for all the specifics, but I’ll give a short run down to explain how cool this app is.

This is a picture of my homepage. You first need to choose 6 friends. These friends need to be trustworthy and preferably available. I know all people won’t be available at all times, but hopefully one out of the six will be if you need them. Once you choose your friends the app will send a text alerting them that they have been chosen to be one of your 6. Once inside the app you can send a trio of HELP texts. The first says, “Come and get me. I need help getting home safely. My location is near (lists a Google map link showing your location” the second, “Call me and pretend you need me. I need an interruption” and the last message, “I’m looking for information about healthy relationships. Just letting you know.” There is also an emergency button that you can add any phone number and it will call with the push of the button. The last text is a confirmation saying, “Thanks everyone. I’ve gotten help”. The great thing about this app is that you don’t have to type all of that out. You can send the help message in little or no time at all! Not all of these may be applicable to your situation, but even if I sent the healthy relationship text, my circle of 6 would be alarmed and would hopefully call/text to see what was going on! I thought this was such a great tool and every girl on a college campus should have this app!


I hope you’ve found my information helpful. Have a great week friends!

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