Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lenzie’s Daily Assumptions Part 1

Hello friends, I’ve decided to start a new section called Lenzie’s Assumptions. These little nuggets occur at random times, most often when I’m driving to work or when I’m in public or when I’m scrolling through what few facebook friends I kept. Please note that these are ASSUMPTIONS, which means that they are in no way facts and that these belong solely to me. You are more than welcome to agree or disagree; it will not hurt my feelings either way.


1.      If you CANNOT afford to tag a vehicle, you also CANNOT afford to buy a new vehicle. I see this ALL the time, most recently I saw it on a Porsche. A flippin Porsche! Seriously, if you can’t afford the tags, you should not have bought the car! I understand that time can slip away from us and that maybe you go a week or two past the date in which your temporary tag expires, but months!! There is a whole story on it here!


2.      If you place plastic “testicles” on your truck, I automatically assume you’re a DOUCHE! I also assume that you are trying to “overcompensate” for some area in your life/body that may not be “up to par” per se. If you have these on your vehicle please remove them promptly and then punch yourself in the face.



3.      My last assumption for the day: (most of these are financial as I’ve been watching Suze Orman lately, I kinda love her and loathe her) When you are not working, as in earning money from a business as opposed from the government, and you post on Facebook that you, “Can’t wait to get my tax refund! I need a new phone and to go shopping!!!” (Please note that the actual status was not typed in correct English) I assume that you are a drain on our economy and that we should immediately cut off all aid. How the heck do you get a tax refund when you don’t pay taxes?!

Have a great week readers!

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