Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Think I'm Adopted. . .

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a fabulous week so far. I wanted to let you all know that I did make my 1 day of running last week. I felt like I could have died, but I didn’t! I am starting my BarreAmped classes again today, hopefully it will be just what I need to jump start me into healthiness! I was really good last week and this week so far by not eating so much CRAP! My weekend, however, was not so successful, but I jumped back on the wagon. I feel like I need Jillian Michaels to follow me around for 1 week. That lady terrifies me, but I want her body so bad! Actually I’ve decided I want Taylor Schilling’s body. I’m obsessed with her! See how perfect she is. . .  But, I digress, on to the actual post.

I wanted to share a short story from our holidays that may explain why I think I’m adopted. My Mother, bless her heart, was not blessed with cooking skills. She has ZERO interest in cooking what so ever. In fact, when building our house 20 years ago she asked my Dad to put in a drive thru window instead of a kitchen. . . She can craft and sew and wood work and garden and just about anything else, but not cook. I LOVE to cook! I think I started watching Food Network when I was in 7th grade. I have been cooking and baking since that time. Well, maybe even before that time as I fixed by lunch every day since second grade. I don’t know if I’d call a fruit by the foot, cheetos, peanut butter or mayonnaise and pretzel sandwich and a pop a balanced lunch, but I was a kid with LOTS of metabolism.

You see, since my sisters and I were old enough to really cook, we were put in charge of cooking/baking anything that would go to a family function, bake sale, holiday gathering, ect… This New Years I was reminded of why we usually do the cooking. We scheduled our annual Christmas party at my parent’s house on the Saturday before New Years. We don’t get together with our extended family very often, so we try to at least schedule one get together per year as we are all busy and it is difficult to get everyone in at the same time. I had a rough working menu in mind, but the weather made it a bit difficult to have a crab/shrimp boil so we went with the ol’ Christmas standby-Ham. I had the ham thawed and planned on baking it at my parent’s house as we would be there all day. Once Jake & I arrived we noticed that there was a ham in the oven! We were shocked! I did not communicate with my mother that I would bring over the ham and cook it at her house, I just assumed she knew. Could my mother have put a ham in the oven for us? Did she decide that this would be the year to make a big contribution to the dinner? Has she finally gotten over her aversion to cooking?! These questions raced through my mind!   

Once we unloaded the car, I took a closer look at the ham in the oven. The oven was set to 350°. The ham looked dry and possibly completely cooked. I then called my mother to inquire how long she had been baking the ham. That is when I lost it. She tells me that the ham had been in the oven for a couple of hours now, but she assured me that the ham couldn’t be done yet as she was de-frosting it. De-frosting it?, I asked. The ham was frozen and after 5 minutes in the microwave she decided to just put it in the oven on 350° until it was completely cooked. Please note that she had added NO liquid to the roasting pan. This ham looked like ham jerky on the top and it was still frozen in the middle. I immediately took her ham out of the oven and started baking mine. Once my ham was cooked, I lowered the oven temperature, added liquid to the roasting pan and cooked/salvaged the ham until it was completely cooked. Jacob and I were laughing so hard we were crying the entire time! Thank goodness for my Dad’s Mother (who was seriously the best cook I have ever met and she thankfully instilled her love of cooking into my heart!) and the Food Network or we might have all had a bad case of food poisoning. I guess that is one way to start a New Year’s diet. . .

If you take anything from this post, please remember that you should never bake a frozen ham or put it in the microwave to defrost. . . PS. I don’t think that I am actually adopted even though my mother and I are complete opposites! Bless her heart, we love her! She provides us with endless amounts of entertainment. Haha! I hope you all have a fabulous week!

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