Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What happened to September?

Hello my lovely readers! I am sad to say that I skipped the ENTIRE month of September. September was full of WONDERFUL things for me. We had my little sister Johanna’s bridal shower followed by the second annual NYC trip. This time Jacob got to experience the city in all its glory and last, but definitely not least we went to Atlantis!! We had such a great time. Traveling for two weeks straight makes returning to work ROUGH, especially when you’re wedding planning for Oct 20th! Alas, here I am, back in the real world. . . I still have a JAM packed two weeks ahead of me, but it is the least I can do for my lovely sister. I am so happy for her & Brett. I hope their wedding will be everything they imagine it to be.

On to my “normal” blog post! I have to start getting all my FB screenshots off of my phone. I think I have like 100 of them, seriously. I would rather those pictures be of Lane and Milo. 

I don’t really have a facebook high five, but I found this particular post from an expecting mother quite funny. I know she will be a fabulous mother.

On a different note, we ended September with a fabulous Nerdy 30th birthday party for our friend and blog follower Jordan! I hope your 30th was as nerdy & as fabulous as you are! 

Favorite vacay picture. Perfect shot of Lane, mid sneeze! Haha

I want to with my precious Jacob a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Thursday. He will be 25 (just like me J)! I will try to be back soon to share our October thus far, it has been filled with some happy and sad news. I hope you all have a fabulous week.


  1. You forgot to mention that you had a wonderful time at a Nerdy 30 Party!

  2. Haha yes, yes I did! I'll fix it :)