Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Readers! I LOVE this holiday, despite never wanting to dress up or partake in any haunted house or party. Maybe it is because it is the only time of year that Hocus Pocus comes on television or maybe it was because we NEVER had trick-or-treaters growing up. We lived off the beaten path and no one ever came to our house. I am so excited for trick-or-treaters tonight! I think we only had 15 last year. Apparently it is not as safe to trick or treat in this day and age.

I just really love to see people dressed in costumes, is that creepy? Not the gross, flesh melting, serial killer costumes, but the costumes that take effort and creativity. ANYONE can go to a store and purchase a costume, BORING! I like when kids and adults get creative. Maybe dress as something that isn’t wildly popular. We only need 1 Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift in this world. (PS Not hating on T-Swift. I LOVE her and her new album. Check it out, seriously). Also this note is for you young women, PLEASE stop wearing costumes so slutty and gross that your pikachu is showing for the entire world to see! Seriously, keep that under wraps. I thought I’d share some of my favorite Pinterest finds in case you might need some non-slutty and fun ideas.

Kid Costumes

This UP inspired costume may be the cutest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN!! We tried to get Laners to wear this, but his mother thought he might be dangerous with the walker. No Fun!!

If you have a daughter, dress her as Audrey. It doesn’t even have to be for Halloween. If I had a child, I would make her wear this ALL the time. How adorable is this??   

I love this last costume! It looks pretty easy and you’ll probably have most of the items on hand. The hat and beard could be constructed fairly cheaply and easily. I also LOVED David the Gnome when I was younger.

Shout out to the 90’s kids. Here is an episode, I’m sure you’ll love it too. It is much better than SpongeBob…

Adult Costumes

I LOVE Mary Poppins! Seriously, I love everything about her. Her British accent, her strict, but loving ways, her manners and most of all I love her duffel bag that holds tons of things (Hermione had one too!) Why not find a chimney sweep to go with you to a party?

Rock, Paper, Scissors! Haha, these girls, aside from looking like drunk sorority girls, have a great idea. It's not slutty and it's fun. Plus, who doesn’t love a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors? Everything could be decided that night by one of you hopping up to play. It would be hilarious!

50 Shades of Gray: This last costume is for the few that forgot that they had a Halloween party to attend. Stop by your local home improvement store and stock up on paint shades. The 20-somethings at the party should be drooling over you by the end of the night, not because you are a cool guy, but because they think that you may have actually read a book, which is rare for the male sex.

I hope you all have a SAFE & fabulous Halloween! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Wedding!

The Beatys were AWESOME! We loved them! Can't wait to see all the pictures!

Hello Readers! I have some great news! My precious Johanna got married this weekend! I only have a few pics (that I stole from facebook) but I wanted to share to show you all how perfect everything turned out to be. 

Love this picture of Johanna & our Dad!

She was a gorgeous bride and the weather was absolutely wonderful! We are so happy for her & Brett!

 Their first dance! 

 The wedding party

We had to sneak in a fun picture between serious poses! 

Have a great Honeymoon Johanna & Brett! 

Have a fabulous week readers!  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What happened to September?

Hello my lovely readers! I am sad to say that I skipped the ENTIRE month of September. September was full of WONDERFUL things for me. We had my little sister Johanna’s bridal shower followed by the second annual NYC trip. This time Jacob got to experience the city in all its glory and last, but definitely not least we went to Atlantis!! We had such a great time. Traveling for two weeks straight makes returning to work ROUGH, especially when you’re wedding planning for Oct 20th! Alas, here I am, back in the real world. . . I still have a JAM packed two weeks ahead of me, but it is the least I can do for my lovely sister. I am so happy for her & Brett. I hope their wedding will be everything they imagine it to be.

On to my “normal” blog post! I have to start getting all my FB screenshots off of my phone. I think I have like 100 of them, seriously. I would rather those pictures be of Lane and Milo. 

I don’t really have a facebook high five, but I found this particular post from an expecting mother quite funny. I know she will be a fabulous mother.

On a different note, we ended September with a fabulous Nerdy 30th birthday party for our friend and blog follower Jordan! I hope your 30th was as nerdy & as fabulous as you are! 

Favorite vacay picture. Perfect shot of Lane, mid sneeze! Haha

I want to with my precious Jacob a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Thursday. He will be 25 (just like me J)! I will try to be back soon to share our October thus far, it has been filled with some happy and sad news. I hope you all have a fabulous week.