Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Readers!

In case you haven't received a valentine today, please accept mine! Of course they are mustache themed!

I hope you all get surprises and lots of love today!
In case you forgot that today is Valentine’s Day. It is never too late to make a fun surprise or you could even order something for delivery later this week. Your love will feel even more special when they get surprises at work and no one else is getting them!

Check out some of my favorite Etsy sellers for some great ideas:
Y  The Caramel Jar has these adorable mason jars filled with caramels! Only $11 for a ½ lb! You can’t beat that! 

Y  The Fetching Hound has these adorable Hoot Owl Bitty Bites! “Whooo Loves You?” $15 for a dozen owls!

Y  Leather Made Nice (I know I haven’t mentioned them before, but they are WONDERFUL! Seriously! I have ordered from them many times and they are so helpful! ) These leather bracelets are so sweet. I have two with my favorite quotes from books. You can have them customized with anything! These have the coordinates from a special place! $30 for 2 bracelets!

Y  Stay Calm Cupcake has these adorable cupcake jars. A set of 4 for only $20! The flavors are Vanilla Cake with Pink Vanilla Buttercream and Double Fudge Cake topped with Pink Buttercream. There are 2 jars of each Plus there are fun sprinkles! Who doesn’t love sprinkles?!

Y  I also found this infinity knot ring. I love it! It is only $25.63! Plus it reminds me of Finnick. Oh Hunger Games, how I love you SO!

Well I hope I have you some great ideas in case you are a little behind on your Valentine’s Day shopping! Have a Great Day Readers!