Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Pictures!

Hi Readers!
I have been seriously sucking lately at blogging. I’m sorry! I am trying to post more often starting Now! Yay!

I wanted to share some of our Christmas pictures that Jacob, Milo & I recently took. Jacob & I had not had our pictures taken since we were married 6 years ago. Basically I refused to take pictures after that because I had gotten fluffy (Side Note- Fluffy is code for chunky) and I was basically grossed out by pictures of myself. Jacob & I have been on a diet/lifestyle change and we have both lost about 30 lbs so I thought it was a great time to take family pictures. I will write an entire post on our transformations later. I have been saving it for a while. Haha!

Jacob & Milo were thrilled that I was making them take Christmas pictures. I made Jacob practice his smile multiple times because he kinda smiles like a weirdo (love ya Jake) and I was pleased with the outcome, haha! I hope you all are getting your Christmas gifts bought and I hope that you are not too stressed yet. I have found tons of holiday recipes on Pintrest lately. I think I want to make a million desserts for all of our parties this year! Good luck shopping and have a Merry Christmas Y’all!

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