Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Failbook. . .

Hello Readers! Are you all in shock that I am posting twice in one week? I have shocked myself as well! I have a favorite website called Failbook. You should totally visit the site if you never have. It is rather hilarious. It basically takes all the funny, incorrect and ignorant posts from Facebook, Twitter and any other social media and shares them with the world. I have my own version of Failbook that comes from just my bank of facebook friends. I know I haven’t written about the gems that I have found on Facebook lately, but I have one stored and I think it is time to share it with my favorite followers! Please check out my first post on the craziness you find on facebook here.

I want to first start by sharing a few pieces of facebook etiquette.

1. Facebook should NEVER and I mean NEVER be used to announce to your baby’s daddy that you are pregnant. This is an actual occurrence and it needs to be stopped. If he doesn’t already know, maybe a phone call would be more appropriate. At least maybe then you could have adequate proof that he is full aware that he is the father in child support court. At least that is how I think it works on Teen Mom.

2. Facebook should never be used to exclaim your involvement in any type of crime. If this happens to be you, you’re in idiot, not only for committing a CRIME, but then bragging about it over such a public platform.  Check out these stories of such instances:
Moral of this story: Do NOT break the law!

3. If you or a facebook friend types like this please seek psychological attention or delete that person as soon as humanly possible.
·         It is unnecessary to type like this: “HeLlOoOoOoO FrIeNdS!!! I aM HaViN SoOoOoO MuCh FuNnNnN oN vAcAtIoN!!! WiSh U WaS HeReEeEe!!” This legitimately gives me a headache and you can be certain that I am de-friending you AsAp! Please also note that I am full aware of all spelling and grammar mistakes in that sentence!
·         Please Stop abbreviating your words. You are not saving the 1/10 of a second it takes to type the extra letter. These are not even actual abbreviations: “Gues wat?!!!! I finly gt my drivrs permit!! Woop Woop! Watch out peeps on the rode!!! Cant w8 to gt a carrrr!!!! I rlly wnt a convertable!!” This was tough for me to type! Not only because Word automatically corrects the misspelled words, but also because I had to tap into a 15 year-old girl’s brain, or lack thereof. I apologize for lowering your IQ at least 30 points for reading that example. . .
This is possibly one of my favorite facebook posts, courtesy of Failbook.

4. Users must learn the difference between a wall post and a direct message. This will save both parties embarrassment if one is mistaken for the other. A wall post is available for ALL to see. Every friend and every person you have not blocked using your privacy settings can see what is posted. A direct message on the other hand is private. It is only viewed by the sender & the recipient. Please do not make the mistake as identified in the post below:

Now let’s focus on this post breakdown.
·         This post clearly violates the direct message/wall post rule. I am assuming that they are new to FB and do not know the difference yet. They should look into that soon, like now!
·         Who says, “Stiffy”?! I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
·         Or “king kong dingalonggg” for that matter?! Is this real Life?!?
·         I am not a fan of the F word in any instance. It just sounds trashy.
·         From what little FB stalking I could do, I am gathering that this couple was married and then separated and apparently they are back together.

I feel so dirty having just read this post! I hope this will help us all make better decisions on what is acceptable to post on facebook. I hope you all have a fabulous week. I am going to pour bleach in my eyes. . . 

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