Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New York City, We’re Famous NOW!

Hello my favorite little nuggets! I hope you all had a fabulous Fourth of July! We did not shoot any fireworks this year mainly because it has been so dry and we were just issued a burn ban, but a little because the fountains and smoke bombs lost their appeal when I was 8 years old and the really great fireworks are so expensive! I would much rather buy something I can use, like a Harry Potter wand! Ok I did not buy that, but I will be purchasing one soon. As soon as I go to Harry Potter World!
 Just arrived in NYC! So excited! Hanna, Amber & Me!

I wanted to share some fun stories from our NYC trip. This will have to be a 3 part series, because I have a few stories that need their own posts. I am starting with my favorite story. The one where I became FAMOUS!! AHHH! Well I keep telling people I am famous, but no one really believes me. On to the story. . .

When planning our trip to NYC we knew we wanted to attend some type of live taping. Unfortunately we were unable to get tickets to anything, but then I remembered that every Friday, during the summer, Good Morning America has their Summer Concert Series. 

This is a totally free event, which is fabulous because that meant more shopping money. Plus the artists are high profile! Just this year they have featured Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert! We were so lucky to be there the week Florence & the Machine was performing! If you don’t know of Florence & the Machine, check them out here, they are pretty amazing!

 Florence & the Machine! 
 Florence & the Machine!
Florence & the Machine!

The down side to the Summer Concert Series is that you have to be in Central Park at 6:15 AM! That is 5:15 AM central time, which is the time zone that we run on! That meant getting up at 5:00 AM ET! Now I can count on 1 hand how many times I have chosen to get up that early, to be honest I can probably count on a few fingers because I never get up that early! But we really wanted to experience a live show so this was our only option. We called the hotel front desk for a wake up call at 5:00 AM. Our phone rang at 5:00 AM on the dot, they were pretty accurate! I have to quickly explain our sleeping arrangement so that this story will make sense. Upon our arrival to our hotel we were told that the roll away bed we had requested did not exist. Only the suites had roll away couches. They were out of suites for that night so they “upgraded” us to a room with 2 twin beds instead of 1 full bed. Please also remember that there were 2.5 adults in this room, myself, my best fran Amber and my sister-in-law Hanna who is 17! Upon entering our room we used a little southern engineering and pushed the beds together. This gave us a king sized bed.
Our Lovely and surprisingly comfortable bed!

Still small, but it would work! Since I was the common link between all of us I volunteered to sleep on the crack. So Hanna was on the outside closest to the wall and Amber was on the outside closest to the rest of the room. Since Amber was the only one with any clear path to the phone she was volunteered to be the answerer. Amber was apparently still asleep she couldn’t figure out how to answer the phone. It eventually stopped ringing and she climbed back into bed. About 3 minutes later it started ringing again and she ran over to the phone and she still didn’t figure out that she had to push the line and then pick up the phone. So the phone eventually stopped ringing and she crawled back in bed. We were all lying there debating if we really wanted to go to the concert or if we wanted to sleep in when all of a sudden there was a knock on our door. Apparently the front desk thought we slept through the wake up call. Amber then exclaimed, loudly I might add, that she was not getting up again, therefore I shouted, “We’re Awake!” and the hotel staff squeaked out an “ok, thank you” and hurried down the hall. Our morning was not starting off so great, not to mention that is was raining & dreary outside. 
Look how gross it was outside!

We decided to get up and head to central park despite the rain and despite the fact that it looked like we just rolled out of bed. Hanna & Amber had no make up on and it looked like my hair was housing a small colony of rats! We finally arrived at central park and stood toward the back where we see they are setting up 2 tables with what looks like food will be served. We were hoping for breakfast! What we thought would be food turned into a segment where 2 families cut into cakes to find out the gender of their baby. I should also mention that I called it; I said they would both be girls and they were in fact both girls! I have ESP! We were right behind the families, but they were on a platform so you couldn’t really see us on TV. People started leaving and crowding the stage to see Florence

See, these Mystery Chairs? We could touch them! Nothing between us and the chairs!

We heard some whispers that the “stars” would be sitting there. We were thinking that the “stars” would be George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer.

My favorite of Lara Spencer! You never know when you will have your picture taken, haha! She was really sweet and sooo skinny! 

Josh Elliot, Yum! 

 It would be totally fine if Josh Elliot was sitting there, he is so handsome. . . Sam Champion was on location in Florida so he would be missing, that would be the 4 chairs, right? Nope, that is not who would be gracing us with their presence. It would be the stars from the upcoming movie Horrible Bosses! This is when we realized that Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day were going to be directly in front of us! This also happened to be when we realized that we had put ZERO effort into getting ready that morning and were about to be on national television. . 

We were of course star struck! They were adorable and really nice, not like some stars that completely ignore their fans. So the entire interview lasted about 7 minutes. You can watch our television debut here

Look how excited we were! Haha

Although we looked a little rough we had a blast. We even interacted with the guys. In fact, my best fran Amber even said this to them, “Do you guys like action?” To which I responded, “Wait, what?!” Apparently she was a little tongue tied and meant to ask, “Do you like getting this reaction from fans (like the crazy old lady screaming her head off)? Luckily the guys laughed, yes they laughed at us! 

Here are Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day laughing at Amber!

The concert was great, but the highlight was getting to see these handsome guys!

Charlie Day

Jason Bateman

Jason Sudeikis

It was also nice for our parents to see that we were still alive! Haha we were so thankful we rolled our lazy butts out of bed in time to make our TV debut!

Here is Hanna in the Subway with our new best friends! 

I hope you all have a fabulous week! I will be blogging the next part in this series next week. It may or may not have to do with our inability to read a map and the subway system. . . 

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  1. All accurate.. Unfortunately even the part where I asked an inappropriate question. It's hard for me to function when I'm sleep, ask Andy. He gets to see the best of me when I'm sleepy. Thank you for not mentioning my embarrassing, nervous gum chewing skills. Though I do feel I should mention that the nice producer who told me 'the stars are coming' was the same producer that slapped my hand when I pointed at something. Not cool.

    Let's go back soon, please.