Thursday, July 14, 2011

New York City Part 2: Where’s Hanna?

Hello again readers! I hope you are all having a fabulous week. I hope it has been cooler where you are than it has been here! We are having 108 degree temperatures with the heat index into the 110s! That is too hot for me!

 I also wanted to remind my winners from the NYC Giveaway to email me your mailing address so that I may send out your prize!

This may be one of my favorite memories from our New York City trip. I think I mentioned in my last post how much I loved the subway system!
Amber was constantly yelling at me to stand away from the track even though I was clearly behind the caution area. We completely changed rolls during this trip, I am usually the worrier and Amber is more care-free. Look how far back I was! No need to worry!

 Although some stations smelled of urine and possibly decaying bodies, the overall experience was fun! It is much cheaper than taking a cab everywhere we needed to go and we felt relatively safe. Please note that we only visited the nice areas of NYC. We did not ride the subway to the Bronx or any other area that is mentioned in a rap song. We stuck to Manhattan, more specifically the Upper East & West Side, Times Square, SoHo and the financial District; we did not visit Brooklyn, Queens or New Jersey!  
This should help give a general idea of where everything is in NYC!

We did visit Chinatown, which wasn’t scary per say, but it was a little crazy! Our only problem was our inability to read a map. Luckily one of Amber’s friends had given her a map of Manhattan and the subway system. This became our LIFESAVER, but it only worked when we knew which direction we were heading, which rarely happened!
This is when I ask Amber if she has seen the movie Bone Collector. I told her this looks just like the movie! She then had a small panic attack!

We had a great tip from one of our friends telling us about this TKTS stand. It is a small stand that sells discounted tickets for Broadway shows playing that day. Since we had such a great experience at How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying starring Daniel Radcliff aka Harry Potter, we wanted to try to see another show. How to Succeed was amazing!

 You should definitely go see it! Especially while Daniel Radcliff is the lead! I really wanted to see Wicked, but they were completely sold out weeks before we were there! The TKTS booth we were going to try to find was located in the Financial District. Our hotel was basically in Times Square. We decided to take the “blue train” Which in New Yorker is the A, C or E train. (Side Note: We asked our hotel what would be the fastest way to the blue train and he just started laughing and told us that the route on the map is blue, the train is not called the blue train it is called the A Train!)
This is the map from our hotel to the TKTS booth. It is almost a straight shot, or so we thought. . .

We finally get to the station and take the C train. We are heading toward a stop that we still haven’t decided if we wanted to exit and walk toward the booth or go past the booth and walk back. Once the train stops we stall for a minute deciding if we want to exit. We finally decided to get off the train! Unfortunately once we start exiting the train the doors start closing. Now for future reference if the doors start closing on you, you just have to forcibly push them open. It should also be noted that you can not step back and wait for them to close and then try to open them, which will not work. We found this out the hard way, with Amber & I on the platform and Hanna on the train. We immediately tell Hanna to get off at the next stop. Amber & I take the next train, which was an A train and exit at the next stop. We look around and we do not see Hanna. This is the part when I start to panic. I just lost my underage sister-in-law on her first trip anywhere.

Amazingly I had cell phone service on the platform, which is crazy since we were 2 stories underground and I haven’t been able to get service on the subway this whole time! My phone started ringing and it was Hanna. She asked where we were and we told her that we were on the exit we told her to take. I asked her the street name where the train stopped and she said she didn’t know.
All subway exits have signs on the wall telling you where you are. Like this one for the Natural History Museum.

 We then decided that the C train must have skipped this stop since she was clearly not on the platform. Amber & I take the next C train to the next stop. This is when Hanna calls again and asked where we were. We told her we had just gotten off at the next exit. Hanna then tells us that she is on the corner of 6th and Greenwich Ave. (Pronounced GREN-ich, not Green-wich (Amber!)). (Side Note: This happened to be Pride Weekend! Greenwich Village happens to be the birthplace of Gay Pride. Hanna comes from a VERY conservative family; this was not an area we wanted to expose her too so soon on her first big trip!) 

See, this was the advertisements for Pride Week in Greenwich!

Hanna had gone above ground that is why we did not see her at the first exit. Now we have to backtrack to find her. I finally decide that it would be faster if we just hailed a cab! So we take a cab 8 blocks to Greenwich and 6th! What we did not realize is that there is a Greenwich Ave and a Greenwich Street. We were apparently on Greenwich Street. This happened to only be a few blocks from where we hailed the taxi! So now we have to go back 8 blocks plus the 3 to the actual Greenwich Ave. In the meantime, Hanna keeps changing her location. She keeps moving to different corners and we are apparently having a problem with directions so I eventually tell (and by tell I mean yell at) her to stop moving!  After multiple wrong turns we finally find Hanna, in the middle of Pride weekend in the middle of Pride Central. I should also share that Greenwich happens to be a very nice neighborhood. If you are going to lose a 17 year old girl, Greenwich Village would be the place to do so.
Washington Square Park, the heart of Greenwich

After our reunion, I asked Hanna if she had told her Mom or Jacob, her brother-my husband, that she was lost. She exclaimed there was no way she was telling her Mom or Jacob because she didn’t want to get in trouble for not keeping up. I completely agreed with this assessment as I did not want to be in trouble for being “irresponsible” for leaving Hanna on the subway. Afterward we had a good laugh that Hanna got lost on the subway! We then decided that one of our funniest times would not be able to be told for fear of retribution from her parents or Jacob, not that I am scared of either!

After reaching the TKTS booth we decided that we had wasted too much time getting lost that we would not have time to see another show and to see all of the landmarks we had wanted to see. So we headed uptown to get a few touristy things accomplished. Shortly after that incident we implemented a new subway safety rule. If you get left on a train, take the next exit and just go directly above ground to call. Luckily we did not get lost or lose one another for the remainder of the trip!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I want to wish my precious sister a Very Happy Birthday this weekend! Love you seester!
Happy Birthday Jordan!!

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