Monday, April 18, 2011

Mother Monster is Gagaliscious

 Mother Monster

Hello Followers!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I know I did! I was spending time with my nephew, precious baby Lane. Look at how adorable he is! Seriously, I just want to squeeze him! So cute! Jacob & I even had to watch baby Lane by ourselves one whole day and I am happy to say that we all survived. Lane was a model baby, but we had a stern discussion about what was acceptable behavior for Aunt Lenzie. I told him that there would be no spitting up on me, no pooping on the adorable outfit I picked out for him to wear and no crazy crying fits while in public. He listens very well! I think he just loves his aunt Lenzie.

 Sweet Laney Poo needed a little nap before eating lunch!

Look at how cute he was in his preppy little outfit!

We also went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and he got his first baseball bat.

It has been a very busy month so far and it doesn’t look like it will get less busy any time soon! I wanted to share our Gaga experience with you all. My best fran, Amber, and I went to see Lady Gaga and it was AH-MAZ-ZING! True Story! She puts on one heck of an amazing show and the best thing is that she does NOT lip-sync, unlike some other female pop stars (..Cough Britney Spears Cough..).

 She is crazy! Fun, but crazy!

Even if you are not a Gaga fan, you should attend one of her concerts for the incredible people watching. I can honestly say that I saw just as many men as I saw women in booty shorts, fishnet hose and high heels. It was slight, and by slight I mean extremely, disturbing.

This was the opening act. . . Need I say more? Yes this is a boy!

This Lady is about 60ish. She was definitely too old to be completely falling down drunk and wearing a feather boa and flapper dress. 

 He had an amazing peacock hat!

She was a Unicorn! We should be friends!

We were also disturbed by the amount of kids (young kids, like fewer than 10 years of age) at this concert. Gaga’s songs have lyrics such as, “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick”, “And baby when it’s love, if its not rough it isn’t fun”, “We got a red light Pornographic dance fight” and my personal favorite, “You taste like glitter mixed with rock and roll”. (Side Note: I used the Camena App to get these lyrics, as my sister will attest that I am terrible with lyrics. “Hit me with your best shot” could totally be “Hit me with your pet shark”. There will be a post about this soon.) I love Glitter, like seriously love glitter. I may or may not own spray glitter, glitter pens, glitter eyeliner, glitter dusters, loose glitter, glitter glue sticks and glitter eye shadow and I can assure you that glitter just tastes like plastic. I do not think that the above lyrics are appropriate for children. I would hate for kids to randomly lick people trying to find exactly what glitter and rock and roll tastes like. Also, I am pretty sure that even a kid can figure out what a “disco stick” is referring to. Not only are the lyrics inappropriate for children, but the stage props,

Implants and dentistry, what?!
Yes that is the Eff word. I hate that word!

 the amount making out, gay and straight, and the bloody mess that became a wardrobe change should all have at least a PG-13 rating.

 Please note the Easter bunny in the front. . .

Latex group hug. . .

I don’t know what really happened here or why there was faux blood all over the place. Weird. . .

Aside from the many blasphemous remarks, which were offensive on many levels, the concert was very entertaining. I have determined that I can only enjoy her songs, because everything else that leaves her mouth is off putting to me and my conservative morals. That being said, we had a GREAT time, we got some incredible pictures and we danced and sang our hearts out!

Amber & I at Gagaliscious!

 Amber, Jordan T and me! We are all little Monsters!

I hope you all have a great week! I am thinking a giveaway should be in order. Check back soon!


  1. I was going to make a comment on how you knew the lyrics but luckliy you cleared that up.... Hahaha I can't wait for that blog!

  2. This post made me laugh out loud at my desk. So thank you for that. I don't think I am brave enough to attend a Gaga concert. Too much sight seeing for one night haha

    xoxo Jill

  3. Jill, at least you know you aren't brave enough. I thought I was and then was proven to be incorrect! By then it was too late! haha!