Friday, March 11, 2011

Mothman. . .

Hello Readers! I hope you are all having a fantabulous week. I know most of my posts are about the crazy things that leave my husband’s mouth, my foolish escapades with my friends and family and the outrageous near death experiences that I have encountered. This story happens to be of the near death experience genre.
Mothman statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

In order for this story to have meaning I have to give you a little background on the subject of Mothman… Mothman is a “fictional” creature that has been sighted, on multiple occasions, near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. I know what you are thinking; West Virginia is full of inbreds who love goats and banjos. This may be true, but it also happens to be the home of Mothman. Mothman is a winged man-sized creature with large red eyes and large moth-like wings. It is rumored that Mothman is spotted before a tragedy occurs. The sightings culminated with the disaster of the Silver Creek Bridge that claimed the lives of 46 people. Since that time there have been fewer and fewer sightings, although an increase in sightings was reported around Mexico City in 1985 shortly before a major earthquake struck and in Chernobyl before the nuclear accident in 1986.

I should explain to you all that I am afraid of the dark. . . I am not proud of this, but it just happens to be true. I do not like to walk outside by myself if it is dark. I grew up in the country so there was never much traffic, not that it would matter since we lived half a mile from the road. There were few houses around so we were basically alone, in the dark… I would make my sisters go out to the garage and watch me take the trash out when I was younger. The walk from the garage to the trash barrel was about 500 ft.  My sisters had a hysterical time locking me out of the house when I asked them to watch and make sure no one would get me. If I had to take the trash out now, I would still have someone watch, just probably not them. I should also explain that I do not believe in aliens or ghosts or anything like that. I am extremely skeptical of all things supernatural. My skepticism does not deter me from enjoying movies and television programs about the subject. I happen to like watching scary movies, just not alone.

I had never heard of Mothman before 2002. This happens to be the year that a movie was made about Mothman starring Richard Gere, Laura Linney & Debra Messing. I wanted to watch The Mothman Prophecies since it starred Richard Gere and I had been in love with him ever since I had seen him in Pretty Woman in 1990. This was 12 years later and a much different movie. This is not a typical scary movie. There were no bloody scenes or serial killers. It is better described as a documentary or a movie modeled after the book, The Mothman Prophecies. It basically describes the sightings and the events that led up to the disaster of the Silver Bridge. This suspension bridge collapsed during rush hour traffic killing 46 people. Two of which were never found. The cause of the collapse was said to have been a small (2.5mm) defect in a single eyebar. After watching this movie, I was saddened because this actually occurred. Maybe not the Mothman part, but the bridge collapse was true.
The Silver Bridge upon completion in 1928.
The collapsed Silver Bridge 1967.
After the movie was over I went straight to bed. I was asleep for a few hours when I was awoken by a scratching sound outside of my window. Please note that my bedroom was on the second floor. We had a few outside cats, so I just assumed it was the cats. I tried to go back to sleep, but I had an uneasy feeling. Probably due to my room being pitch black. I have to sleep in total darkness, despite my fear of the dark. The glow of the alarm clock is too much light when I am trying to sleep. After tossing and turning for a little while longer I looked at my window and froze. What did I see at my window? I saw a pair of red eyes glaring at me. This would also be a good time to admit that my room had aluminum foil over the windows. (At the time I was 17, so obviously I did not care about the appearance of my room.) I laid in bed determining my options: 1. Continue telling myself that is it not real and go back to sleep (This option was tested first, but I was unable to go back to sleep with all the glaring going on outside of my window), 2. Turn on every light in the house and exclaim that there is a mythical creature outside my window which is basically warning of impending doom (My love for TV and junk food prohibited this option as it would surely mean I would be admitted into a psych ward where both are prohibited.), and option 3. Go wake up my younger sister, Jordan and have her come investigate and/or sleep in my room (Hands down the best option. If she did see the Mothman she could collaborate my story so that either we would both be admitted into the psych ward or our parents would believe us and come save us.)

I proceeded to sneak into Jordan’s room and wake her. Jordan is the funniest person to see upon her being awakened.  She reminds me of a crazy person. She asks like 75 questions, most of which do not make sense and in a whisper type voice. She also can’t seem to open her eyes all the way. Option 2 is starting to look like the better option. Maybe at least in a psych ward I would be protected from Mothman. After about 3 minutes she finally becomes aware that I am in her room and explaining that there is something at my window. She makes her way to my room and looks at the window and we continue to have this conversation:
Jordan: Lenzie, You have foil over your window!
Jordan: How did you see Eyes?! (Still in sleepy voice)
Lenzie: I know, but look at the cracks in the foil!
Lenzie: Can’t you see the red eyes?!
Jordan: (slowly shaking her head) Lenzie, that is yellow light from the outside security light.
Lenzie: No it is Mothman! (in a mild hysteria by this time)
Jordan: There is no such thing as Mothman…
Lenzie: I watched a movie about him tonight!
Lenzie: He knows where I live! (In a moderate hysteria now)
Lenzie: Does this mean I’m going to die?! (In an all out hysteria at this time)
Jordan: You aren’t going to die moron.
Lenzie: How do you know?
Lenzie: In the movie people die after they see him!
Jordan: It was just a movie, Lenzie. (Starting to lose her temper because she does not appreciate being awakened to investigate an alien sighting if there is in fact, no alien)
Lenzie: Ok, will you sleep in my room then?
Jordan: Will you leave me alone if I sleep in your room?
Lenzie: Yes!!
A guy from work is actually from a town outside of Point Pleasant, WV and he brought this small statue back for me after a trip home. It sits on my desk and keeps Mothman away.

Jordan and I finally went to sleep after about an hour of her investigating and trying to calm me down. She also threatened to not allow me to watch scary movies before I go to sleep. That lasted all of about 3 months until I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Bad Idea, Terrible Idea… She, of course, told everyone at school the next day that I had to have my little sister come and sleep in my room because Mothman was at my window. She continues to tell the story anytime Mothman, West Virginia or scary movies are mentioned.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay tuned next week for ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!! Yay!

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