Friday, February 18, 2011

Why am I Being Punished?

Jacob’s Gems never cease to Amaze me!

Happy Friday Readers! I am sure you have read in my earlier posts that Jacob only works 4 days per week. That means he gets 1 day per week to just be a bum. These also happen to be the days that he decides to get text-crazy; I assume it is because he is lonely! Jacob needs to talk to someone at ALL times! Luckily I am equipped with a "Tune Out" feature that is constantly being utilized! This is a text I received yesterday while we were planning what time we would meet to go buy groceries.

2/17 10:04 AM
Jacob: What Do u want to go early since u have a dentist appreciate
Jacob: Sorry appointment
Jacob: Say like at 11
Jacob: Hello
Jacob:  Lenzie Are u there
Jacob:  R u busy
Jacob:  why aren't u talking to me
Lenzie:  Holy Stalker Text
Jacob:  Am I funny
Lenzie:  No not at all
Jacob: What do u think about 11
Lenzie: That is fine. Bring the list
Lenzie: Do not. I repeat do not forget the list
Jacob: Dang ruuude sorry I have been watching Bon qui qui ... Like I would forget the list

(Side Note: for those of you who haven’t seen Bon Qui Qui she is from MadTV, Jacob was introduced to her at the hospital while we were waiting on Carlos to be born. What were we thinking?!)

Lenzie: OMG why am I being punished?!
Jacob: Not punished rewarded
Lenzie: Hmmm I don't think that is where I was going with that
Jacob: Where we meeting
Lenzie: At walmart?
Jacob: Yes is it at rogers
Lenzie: What are you asking?
Jacob:  Walmart on Rogers is this where we r meeting
Lenzie:  Yes that is correct
Jacob: U r wearing me out
Jacob:  I an going to take a shower then I am going take my truck through the car wash an I will call on my way
Jacob:  If u want to go ahead go to Walmart that is fine with me
Lenzie:  Don't forget the list

Surprisingly Jacob did not forget the list. . .

This text occurred later in that same day while I was waiting to go back to the dentist. I called Jacob before entering the dentist but he did not answer. When Jacob returned my call I had ignored it because I didn’t want to talk on the phone while in the waiting room.
2/17 3:13 PM
Lenzie: At the dentist. Whass you want?
Jacob: Just callin back
Lenzie: What were you doing?
Jacob: Holla at u later
Jacob: Outside
Lenzie: Oh wow. Been watching Bon qui qui again?
Jacob: Naaaa just Chillin

Now Jacob happens to be the least Ghetto person that I have ever met. The fact that these little gems occasionally escape from his mouth makes me constantly ask, “Why am I being punished?!?”

On a side note, I am about to strangle my guest blogger. HE (hint) has still not finished his blog. He will finish this weekend, or else!!

Have a great weekend Readers! Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather!!