Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Springtime, Baseball, Giveaway!!!!

It’s Giveaway Time Again!
Springtime = Baseball Season!

Hello readers! I know that it is technically a little early to say “Spring”, but baseball season has already started and Baseball means Spring training and spring training means baseball players!!! Most of you are surprised that I even remotely like a sport, much less love one! I have to admit that I have a soft spot for baseball. It may stem from years of playing softball. I started playing at 4 and retired once I graduated high school. Although, my sister Jordan has brought me out of retirement on a few occasions (of which I was not pleased). I don’t like to get dirty or sweat and it is impossible to play softball without getting at least one of those. That being said, baseball still allows me to love the game and not participate. To be entirely honest though, I must admit my love of the game is intensified by my love of baseball players. . .
Why yes, I did wear a Matt Holliday shirt to the game.
Oh Matt Holliday, I love him!
Look at those socks! Precious!

Albert Pujols was AMAZING!! Go Cards!
I LOVE BASEBALL PLAYERS! There, I said it. I am not proud of my affection for the athletes, but there is no denying that it exists. I love everything about them. The pants - YUM, the smell of the glove - Heavenly, the sound of the ball hitting the bat – music to my ears! There are few things better than watching a baseball game on a warm spring day. I am daydreaming about it right now. . .

I must stop this post before I get into trouble for any inappropriate comments that are bound to arise if this post continues. Although, I must tell you that Jacob (my husband) was a baseball player. That is probably how he hooked me! Lucky Jacob! Love you Jacob! Haha

Today’s Giveaway!
Super cute baseball bites from The Fetching Hound

On to the Giveaway! In the spirit of baseball, we have a baseball themed giveaway today! I happen to be an addict (to Jacob’s dismay). After deciding that this post would be about baseball, I found these bitty bites that just went perfectly with my theme. You may be asking, "What is a bitty bite?" A bitty bite is a fun filled cake bite covered in chocolate coating. It is like a miniature cupcake, wrapped in chocolate. You all know how much I love anything miniature and anything cake and anything wrappen in chocolate. Bitty bites are the perfect combination of the three! Today’s giveaway comes from The Fetching Hound shop on Etsy. There are so many options to choose from at their shop. Stop by their shop and order some for yourself! These bitty bites come in just about any flavor and any color!
How cute would these be for an Anniversary! The best part is that you can pick the cake and the icing flavor!!
Yummo, Chocolate and strawberry all in a cake bite!
They also have cookies. Look how delish these Snickers cookies look!

How to enter the Giveaway:
1.      Simply comment on this post about your favorite baseball team or player. If you do not have a favorite team or player you can just leave your name in the comment! 
2.      If you are not a follower, become one! It is simple! Look directly under the word FOLLOWERS and click the button labeled Follow.

3.  Go visit The Fetching Hound's shop.

After completing these 3 EASY steps you are entered into the giveaway! 2 Winners will be chosen randomly next week. Did you see that?! 2 (TWO) winners will win baseball bitty bites!! Get Excited! Winners will be announced Next Wednesday!

Have a great week readers!!

These just might be my favorite. It is Girl Scout Cookie time people! These little pieces of heaven are Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting covered in a mint coating. The best part about these bitty bites is not having to track down a girl scout to order them. You don’t even have to leave the house to order these!! In fact you can get them right here!!


  1. you and your baseball fetish. atleast these boys are of age!@!!

  2. Allyson, I accept that comment at your entry! Haha

  3. I like Cliff Lee... I will give you time to google him haha

  4. Good Lord, how did I miss him! He should have definitely made my blog. Good Job Jordan!! I also only use google image search. Haha

  5. Wow girls wow lol. And Cincinnati Reds :-)

  6. Hahah Casey, you know this is par for the course for us!

  7. The Cardinals and Albert PUUUUUJOLS!!!

    I promise!

  8. I have to admit, I am a Yankee fan, sorry. There I entered your damn contest.