Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Springtime, Baseball, Giveaway!!!!

It’s Giveaway Time Again!
Springtime = Baseball Season!

Hello readers! I know that it is technically a little early to say “Spring”, but baseball season has already started and Baseball means Spring training and spring training means baseball players!!! Most of you are surprised that I even remotely like a sport, much less love one! I have to admit that I have a soft spot for baseball. It may stem from years of playing softball. I started playing at 4 and retired once I graduated high school. Although, my sister Jordan has brought me out of retirement on a few occasions (of which I was not pleased). I don’t like to get dirty or sweat and it is impossible to play softball without getting at least one of those. That being said, baseball still allows me to love the game and not participate. To be entirely honest though, I must admit my love of the game is intensified by my love of baseball players. . .
Why yes, I did wear a Matt Holliday shirt to the game.
Oh Matt Holliday, I love him!
Look at those socks! Precious!

Albert Pujols was AMAZING!! Go Cards!
I LOVE BASEBALL PLAYERS! There, I said it. I am not proud of my affection for the athletes, but there is no denying that it exists. I love everything about them. The pants - YUM, the smell of the glove - Heavenly, the sound of the ball hitting the bat – music to my ears! There are few things better than watching a baseball game on a warm spring day. I am daydreaming about it right now. . .

I must stop this post before I get into trouble for any inappropriate comments that are bound to arise if this post continues. Although, I must tell you that Jacob (my husband) was a baseball player. That is probably how he hooked me! Lucky Jacob! Love you Jacob! Haha

Today’s Giveaway!
Super cute baseball bites from The Fetching Hound

On to the Giveaway! In the spirit of baseball, we have a baseball themed giveaway today! I happen to be an addict (to Jacob’s dismay). After deciding that this post would be about baseball, I found these bitty bites that just went perfectly with my theme. You may be asking, "What is a bitty bite?" A bitty bite is a fun filled cake bite covered in chocolate coating. It is like a miniature cupcake, wrapped in chocolate. You all know how much I love anything miniature and anything cake and anything wrappen in chocolate. Bitty bites are the perfect combination of the three! Today’s giveaway comes from The Fetching Hound shop on Etsy. There are so many options to choose from at their shop. Stop by their shop and order some for yourself! These bitty bites come in just about any flavor and any color!
How cute would these be for an Anniversary! The best part is that you can pick the cake and the icing flavor!!
Yummo, Chocolate and strawberry all in a cake bite!
They also have cookies. Look how delish these Snickers cookies look!

How to enter the Giveaway:
1.      Simply comment on this post about your favorite baseball team or player. If you do not have a favorite team or player you can just leave your name in the comment! 
2.      If you are not a follower, become one! It is simple! Look directly under the word FOLLOWERS and click the button labeled Follow.

3.  Go visit The Fetching Hound's shop.

After completing these 3 EASY steps you are entered into the giveaway! 2 Winners will be chosen randomly next week. Did you see that?! 2 (TWO) winners will win baseball bitty bites!! Get Excited! Winners will be announced Next Wednesday!

Have a great week readers!!

These just might be my favorite. It is Girl Scout Cookie time people! These little pieces of heaven are Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting covered in a mint coating. The best part about these bitty bites is not having to track down a girl scout to order them. You don’t even have to leave the house to order these!! In fact you can get them right here!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guest Blogger: My Lovely Wife's Addiction to Online Shopping

Hello Readers! In case the title did not give away the guest blogger, it is Jacob. My precious husband. Please note that most of what he says is an exaggeration, this post included. Please note that this post was not altered in any way. All text and pictures were Jacob's. . .  Enjoy!           

Dear Pirate Karen followers, well I have been asked to be the guest blogger for the week. I am the better half of Lenzie and the one that made her a very lucky woman over 5 years ago. Well since I have been with my lovely wife for a total of 11 years there are many stories and situations that I could explore (ie: Blair witch, Mothman and many road trips through the years) but I am going to talk about my wife's wonderful obsession with online shopping and how she somehow incorrectly explains the cost of each item that she has purchased. A typical day at my house consists of brown packages sitting on the front porch with Lenzie attached to the front.
(This is a resemblance to our door on a daily basis)
With everyday resulting in receiving some sort of box, package or any other delivering device it becomes imperative that I ask Lenzie, “Why did you buy all of this stuff and how much did it all cost????”
 Here is a common conversation that we have:
Me: Lenzie, did you order something from Victoria Secrets? 
Lenzie : Yes but they had a really good sale.
Me: What did you get?
Lenzie: Just a shirt and maybe some sweatpants but I needed them I don't have a razzmatazz pair. (If you are wondering what razzmatazz is,  it is a reddish pink color) 
Me: How much was all of it?
Lenzie: It was only $50 (This starts a whole new conversation)
            After many years and packages I have learned that when she states an amount I must double the amount stated because somehow she always understates the amount and then declares that she really thought it was only $50.
            The one problem with online shopping is that I do not catch every package so some do sneak by, but she is caught sooner than later and always replies with, “Oh no, I have had this forever” and then my reply is, “Oh really, since last week?!” She thinks she is very sneaky, but she always gets caught. She will soon find that all websites that allow online purchasing are being disabled on her computer. 
This is one of many wonderful traits that my lovely wife portrays and if she is lucky, everyone will get to see other postings of what really makes her so SPECIAL!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Why am I Being Punished?

Jacob’s Gems never cease to Amaze me!

Happy Friday Readers! I am sure you have read in my earlier posts that Jacob only works 4 days per week. That means he gets 1 day per week to just be a bum. These also happen to be the days that he decides to get text-crazy; I assume it is because he is lonely! Jacob needs to talk to someone at ALL times! Luckily I am equipped with a "Tune Out" feature that is constantly being utilized! This is a text I received yesterday while we were planning what time we would meet to go buy groceries.

2/17 10:04 AM
Jacob: What Do u want to go early since u have a dentist appreciate
Jacob: Sorry appointment
Jacob: Say like at 11
Jacob: Hello
Jacob:  Lenzie Are u there
Jacob:  R u busy
Jacob:  why aren't u talking to me
Lenzie:  Holy Stalker Text
Jacob:  Am I funny
Lenzie:  No not at all
Jacob: What do u think about 11
Lenzie: That is fine. Bring the list
Lenzie: Do not. I repeat do not forget the list
Jacob: Dang ruuude sorry I have been watching Bon qui qui ... Like I would forget the list

(Side Note: for those of you who haven’t seen Bon Qui Qui she is from MadTV, Jacob was introduced to her at the hospital while we were waiting on Carlos to be born. What were we thinking?!)

Lenzie: OMG why am I being punished?!
Jacob: Not punished rewarded
Lenzie: Hmmm I don't think that is where I was going with that
Jacob: Where we meeting
Lenzie: At walmart?
Jacob: Yes is it at rogers
Lenzie: What are you asking?
Jacob:  Walmart on Rogers is this where we r meeting
Lenzie:  Yes that is correct
Jacob: U r wearing me out
Jacob:  I an going to take a shower then I am going take my truck through the car wash an I will call on my way
Jacob:  If u want to go ahead go to Walmart that is fine with me
Lenzie:  Don't forget the list

Surprisingly Jacob did not forget the list. . .

This text occurred later in that same day while I was waiting to go back to the dentist. I called Jacob before entering the dentist but he did not answer. When Jacob returned my call I had ignored it because I didn’t want to talk on the phone while in the waiting room.
2/17 3:13 PM
Lenzie: At the dentist. Whass you want?
Jacob: Just callin back
Lenzie: What were you doing?
Jacob: Holla at u later
Jacob: Outside
Lenzie: Oh wow. Been watching Bon qui qui again?
Jacob: Naaaa just Chillin

Now Jacob happens to be the least Ghetto person that I have ever met. The fact that these little gems occasionally escape from his mouth makes me constantly ask, “Why am I being punished?!?”

On a side note, I am about to strangle my guest blogger. HE (hint) has still not finished his blog. He will finish this weekend, or else!!

Have a great weekend Readers! Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lenzie’s Tips for a Successful Marriage

Happy Friday Readers! As my Guest Blogger is taking FOREVER to finish his/her post, I thought I would offer some practical advice about Marriage. You may be asking what makes me an expert on marriage. Well let me inform you that I am not an expert on Marriage. I truly doubt anyone can be. What I can say are my attributes that make me a faux-expert are definitely legit. Jacob & I had dated for 6 years before we got married and we have been married for almost 6 years. That is 12 years with the same person. Now, don’t get me wrong, twelve years over the course of 50 seems like an insignificant amount of time, however I just like giving advice so here it goes.

There are no two marriages alike. I know others who view mine and Jacob’s relationship and think “How do you guys do it?” The same goes for other relationships that we view and say, “There is no way we could make that work!” The point is to find what works for you both and not worry about what others say. That being stated, let’s begin!

Lenzie’s Tips and Tricks for a Successful Marriage
1.      The most IMPORTANT part needed in order to spend the next 50ish years together is to make sure you like each other. This may sound silly, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who will jump into a relationship and more importantly a marriage based solely on physical attraction. Don’t get me wrong, physical attraction is important too, but it will fade unless you are prepared to spend a LOT of money on plastic surgery throughout the years. It basically boils down to this: If your potential spouse is annoying and ignorant, but HOT. Cut your losses and move on. The annoyances and ignorance will become more pronounced once the hotness stops drowning it out. . .
Judge Judy writes a riveting biography/ self-help book explaining this very point.
Get it here from Amazon for only $2.54:

2.         You and your potential spouse must share the same basic life plan. I am not referring to what color you think would go best in the living room or whether you are a recliner fan or not. I am talking about Make or Break things like Kids. . . Oh the mother of all married couples dilemmas. To have kids or to not have kids. That is the question. This a major issue. If one of you wants kids, but the other does not want children, I am afraid there is no substitute for this predicament. A puppy will not cut it for the one that wants children (Side Note: If that person would meet precious Milo, they might think otherwise, haha) and once you have children there is no going back. If you can’t come to a united decision on this front my advice for you would be to “Make like a baby and head out first. . .”

Milo is just so precious!  He loves work days with mom!

3.      As a married couple you are required to be pleasant to your spouse’s family. This is only applied to immediate family (Parents & Siblings) as there are probably people in your own extended family that you would prefer to disown. Please note that you should still remain calm and tactful upon spending time with extended family as to avoid a Jerry Springer style brawl. As entertaining as that may sound to some of you, trust me, NO one looks classy with a black eye. Sometimes you must bite your tongue and endure the remaining time.  (Side Note: Alcohol will help lessen the sting while at family get togethers. If there is no way to excuse yourself from the situation then purchase a flask like this one from LiquidCourage.) If you or your potential mate can not get along with each other’s families then that may be a sign that you aren’t “meant” to be together. One exception to this would be if you do not get along with your own family, then your spouse is not expected to either.
Super cute flask from LiquidCourage: $18.59.
Making it through another family reunion without killing yourself: Priceless

4.      My last nugget of advice for couples to ensure a long and happy marriage is to have separate bank accounts. Sure, when you get married you should share EVERYTHING. Well I have to disagree. I refuse to share my drinks and my bank account. This is not stemming from not wanting to share money. Let’s face it, Jacob is clearly the breadwinner in our family, but he is not so good at keeping his checkbook balanced. He never writes things down and I write everything down. This is not for a fear of over drafting, but more so because I like things to be kept orderly and have a slight case of OCD. I also suffer from a mild shopping addiction and in an effort to evade arguments; it is safer if Jacob doesn’t know exactly what I spend. Trust me; sometimes it is better for your spouse to be lovingly withheld from some details. (Side Note: This does not include any instances other than spending small to moderate amounts of money and in the chance that you have a legit gambling problem, this information should not be withheld from your spouse.) If you fear that you or your spouse is suffering from an actual shopping addiction please click here for more information.

I hope these tips will help you all become better spouse or even if it saves you from making a grave mistake.

Have a great weekend Readers! There WILL be a guest blogger next week! Get excited! There is no telling what will be in that post. . .

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mustache Giveaway Update

I wanted to give an update from the mustache giveaway. All I need is a picture from Kenzie with her mustache, but apparently she has been a little busy with Carlos. Instead we will substitute a pic of Carlos with his favorite pacifier from his favorite Aunt!

Carlos loved his Fu Manchu pacifier!!

Jordan prefers the classy side of her reversible mustache!

Casey was so excited to receive his mustache he took a pic immediately upon opening the envelope!!

Stay tuned readers for our special guest blogger! It should be interesting!! Haha

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello Baby Carlos

A little Carlos Burrito

Hello Readers!! It has been a very eventful week. I am sure if you read my last post you will know that I was creating a play list for my sister to use while she was in Labor. Well, as my luck would have it. I received a call later that very same evening from Kenzie. She informed me that she was at the hospital and that they were monitoring the baby’s heart rate. This call came in around 5:30 pm. I instructed Kenzie to immediately call me with any news. Kenzie later called back around 6:00 pm and said that her Doctor said there was a 70% chance that she was going to deliver the baby the next day. They would be inducing her at 1:00 am on the 26th and they were expecting the baby around 11:00 am. This is when I had a conniption fit. I started freaking about missing the birth of my first nephew. How could I be the favorite aunt if I am not there when he makes his debut?! I am about an 11 hour drive from where she lives. A trip like that takes planning. I have a precious puppy, which unfortunately, could not hang out at the hospital. Although I am CERTAIN he is cleaner and better behaved than most of the people I saw in that hospital. . .
See what I am saying. Milo would have been fine at this hospital. . .

 I started to look up flights from all surrounding areas. The earliest I would be in Indiana would be at 11:00 am on his birth day. I was going to miss it. . . This is the point where I just crumple into a heap on the bedroom floor and start hysterically crying. Like I seriously haven’t cried like this EVER… (Side Note: In case you haven’t noticed, I can be a little bit of a drama queen at times. A tiny little bit.)

This ordeal happens to occur at the worst possible time for Jacob & me to just leave in a hurry. Jacob was supposed to work that entire week (a rare occurrence for Jake, haha) and I had a lot of things going on at work (also a rare occurrence for me!, haha). Jacob, seeing how distraught I had become immediately flies into action (also something that rarely happens). He manages to cover all of his shifts at the pharmacy so that he would be able to ride with me as I drove to Indiana. (Side Note: Jacob was such a trooper and he definitely got brownie points for making the trek with me!) We finally leave Arkansas around 7:30 pm on Tuesday night. I drove until about 2:30 am on the 26th until we pulled into a hotel to sleep for a few hours before continuing on to Indiana. I was telling the hotel clerk that I was on my way to see my sister and our soon to be birthed nephew and how excited I was. She explained how much she loves being an aunt and gave Jacob & I an upgrade to a Jacuzzi suite. (Side Note: I may be a hotel snob, but I prefer my hotels to be nice and clean! Like seriously clean! If there is mold in the bathroom then it is a no go for me! That being said, I would NEVER and I mean NEVER use a Jacuzzi tub in a hotel. The thought grosses me out!)
Here is our lovely Jacuzzi. . .

After speaking with my sister the next morning she informed me that she was just dilated to a 3 and we would make it in plenty of time. We were only about 3.5 hours away by this time. So we rushed and finally made it to the hospital.
Look at how excited we are, well Jordan & I anyways!!

After about 15 hours of labor and not dilating above a 4, the doctor decided to do a c-section. Thirty minutes later we got to meet our precious baby nephew!
Ryan carrying Carlos to be all checked out.

This is also when I came into realization that there is no Carlos. Carlos was apparently not a name they wanted to give to their child. Thus he was dubbed Lane Elliot Engle. Weighing in at 7lbs 13oz and 19.5 in long, he is absolutely precious. And in NO way am I biased. We got to spend only a few days with Laney-Poo before we had to head back into the real world. We were so sad to say goodbye to him and we are extremely ready for Kenzie, Laila and Lane to live closer. I guess Ryan could come as well! Haha!! I will leave you with some pictures of our precious little nephew.

Also readers, get excited! I will have a very “Special” guest blogger coming up. So keep reading! Have a great week!!
No readers, this is not Prom 2010. This was at our hotel. . . Hahah

Jordan eating, Imagine that! Poor Kenzie was starving and Jordan is eating a cookie in front of her! 
This was soo cute! He loves his thumb!
Why yes, that is the owl hattie I got for him!

"Hey Auntie Lensie, you like my faux hawk?!"

Jacob loves this child! Although I think it has deterred him from wanting one of his own for a while. He actually sees how much work they really are! Haha

Big yawn for Auntie Lensie
Jacob thought the Boppy was a neck pillow... I didn't have the heart to tell him that it touched Kenzie's boob. . .

Republican Baby! So cute!

Happy Sleeper!