Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moustache Giveaway!!

Hello my faithful followers! I am sure you can deduce from the title of this post what the next giveaway will be! In case you are a little slow today, I will give you a hint: I have a post explaining the top 10 reasons you should own one of these! You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/gwfKyM! I am sure you have guessed that this week’s giveaway is your Very Own Mustache on a Stick! There are 3 different options to choose from: 1-Imperial Style, 2-English Style and 3-Horseshoe Style!

 I will also give you the option to add glitter on the back!! This is only for the classiest of Classy Moustache Connoisseur. See the below model of the glitter stache!

How to enter the giveaway:
9   Become a Follower of Pirate Karen.
o       How to do that?! Look to the right, under the word FOLLOWERS click the button that says Follow!
9   At the bottom of this post, make a comment stating if you would rather have Style 1, 2 or 3.
9   Winners will be chosen randomly! If you are chosen I will contact you with shipping details!

Not satisfied with a measly moustache on a stick? Order a real one!! http://www.actonecostumes.net/bemusiandse.html
I have to say that I am kind of creeped out by the real ones. For those of you who are less extreme here are some more options to satisfy your Stache Needs:
9   How about a Moustache Magnet? Homework looks much cooler on the fridge with this puppy. Plus it is only $3.00!! You can’t beat that!!

9   For the children within us all, why not order Stache’ shaped crayons! They are only $4.75!! What a sweet deal!

9   Do I have any germ-o-phobes? Wouldn’t you LOVE some soapstaches? I thought you might! Especially when they are only $5.00!!

9   This has to be one of my favorite things! I happen to own one of these! What is even cooler about this mug is that it can be double sided! I happen to have a moustache on one side and vampire teeth on the other side! LOVE IT! Thanks Amber!!

9   Lastly, for the sweet tooth! What could be better than Stache Pops? $12.00 for 6 pops! Yummo!!

I hope you have enjoyed all these Stache-Tastic ideas! Remember to enter the giveaway! 2 winners, I repeat 2 winners will be announced on Friday!!!
Have a Great Week!!

Since I had only 3 entries, You all are winners! I will be mailing your Stache on a Stick Shortly! Yay!!!


  1. Sign me up for the Stache Pop!

  2. Kenzie, Unfortunately the Stache Pop is not eligible for this contest giveaway. Only the Stache on a stick is eligible. If you still want to enter the contest simply state the style(1,2 or 3) of stache on a stick you prefer! Thanks for entering!

  3. Fine I guess I will still enter. I want #2 with glitter!

  4. Surprise me! Prefer the stache mug!

  5. I want the #1 with glitter, since I already have the fu-manchu or however you spell it lol! Also, make me a cake, buy me the magnet and come see me.... Thanks lol