Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jacobism 3.0

Hello Readers! And a Big Welcome to my new followers!! I hope you all had a fun filled New Years Weekend! My weekend was great! We got to see family that we don’t see nearly enough!! On a side note, I am playing the lottery today for a chance to win 330 million. So cross your fingers that I win. Then I can be a party planner and blog and bake all day!! Yay!!

Jacob has threatened that if I continue to write stories about his “special” moments he will disconnect my computer. As most of you know, I am the boss, so his threats seem empty. Sometimes his foolishness is just too great not to share! Sorry Jake! On to the Jacobism. . . .

Thank Goodness for OnStar!
For those of you who are not acquainted with my husband let me give you a little background information. Jacob happens to be pretty intelligent in the academic area. The common sense area, however, is lacking at times! We often go on excursions throughout the house trying to find his wallet, his phone or his keys! Jacob is a pharmacist and he only works 4 days per week (we all feel bad for him, right?) This allows Jacob at least 1 day off per week. (Side Note: The day off would be greatly appreciated if it were used to do housework, but apparently golf & Xbox live are more fun.) He also makes it a point to visit his family, who happen to live the next town over. This is also in the town where we went to high school.

On this particular day, Jacob had decided to take our precious little Milo with him on his escapades.
                                                 They are precious! Milo loves outings!

Jacob had decided to go to our old high school and watch the baseball team that Jacob’s uncle was coaching. Since Jacob had Milo with him he could only stay for a short while. The weather was turning bad and a rain shower was not far away. Jacob had decided to leave Milo in the car, with the windows cracked of course! (Side note: This occurred in April so the weather was still cool. Milo was in no danger of heat stroke. Trust me! Jacob would never put our precious puppy in harm (for fear of what I might do to him if he did).) As the rain was blowing in, Jacob realized he had left the keys in the truck with Milo. Jacob walked back to the truck to retrieve the keys. Once Milo saw Jake heading back to the truck he got really excited! He ran to the door to greet him! While running to the door he happened to step on the door lock button. Milo had locked Jacob out of the truck with the rain beginning to fall! We have OnStar on his truck for this reason. This is not the first time Milo or Jacob had locked himself out of the truck. I suspect this will not be the last time, either!
Jacob continued to call OnStar to have them unlock the doors. Since there is a pet/child in the vehicle they put you on the fast track and open the immediately. OnStar finally unlocks the door and Jacob thanks them and hangs up the phone. Jacob then reaches for the handle, but not before Milo steps on the lock button once again. Jacob is forced to call OnStar and have them unlock the doors again. They unlock the doors, but this time Jacob keeps them on the line. Milo once again reaches the lock before Jacob. By this time, the OnStar lady is laughing hysterically because this precious puppy is outsmarting his owner.
Jacob & the OnStar lady devise a plan to keep Milo away from the lock. Jacob was to stand in the middle of the truck and talk to Milo so the lady could unlock the door. Once the door was unlocked, Jacob was to race to the driver’s side door before Milo locked him out again. The third time was a success! Jacob and Milo were finally able to leave and get out of the rain after about 30 minutes of playing chase around the truck!
This same scenario happened again not long after that ordeal, but this time Milo hit the unlock button shortly after locking Jacob out. You would think this would be a learning experience, but he has yet to discover that Milo can and will lock him out!

I hope you enjoyed the story of Jacob’s crazy adventures. I have a video to show you all next time. That is if he doesn't delete it first! Haha!!
Have a Great Week!!

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