Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Monday Y'all

Hello Readers! I hope you all had a fabulous week! I know my weekend was not so fun! It seems Jake had a bout of food poisoning. . .  (We are guessing that is what it was, as we are medical professionals! Haha) So my weekend consisted on being a nurse, of which I have NO interest in being as well as being a servant, also which I have no interest in being. I disinfected the entire house in the chance that it was some crazy virus and washed anything that he might have touched! I also threw away any food that he may have eaten. Jacob is a “sharer”. He likes to share drinks, food, everything. I on the other hand HATE and I mean HATE to share! I was apparently absent in elementary school when this lesson was being taught! I don’t mind to share some things, but my drink is OFF limits. Jacob doesn’t understand those limits so I was forced to throw anything he might have swigged when I was not paying attention! It was a looonnnggg weekend that I was glad it was finally over.
This was the fun snow we got last year! No sign of that kind of snow this year!
This is Milo in the snow last year. He is not a fan of snow! It freezes his little feet!
My fingers are frozen. . .

That being said, it started to snow yesterday! Yay snow! Snow in Eastern Oklahoma/Western Arkansas is a rare occurrence. When we usually get snow it is most certainly melted by the end of the day. And we never get the fun snow that you can play in and make snow angles (Side Note: My best Fran Amber pointed it out to me that I had spelled Angles and not Angels. Haha! I happen to think Snow Angles would be just as much fun! We could make Obtuse, Right and Acute Angles! Woohoo Geometry!) and snow ice cream! Yum! We usually get the really wet sloshy snow that is terrible to drive in and even worse to play in. (Side Note: Spell check is telling me sloshy is not a word, Sloshy is so a word! Sloshy-Watery mud, snow! Suck it Microsoft!) This area is not equipped to handle snow or ice. The state will literally shut down if we have 1 in of snow! It is great when you are in school and school is cancelled, but when you have to go to work it is basically zero fun! I did however get to stay at home until around noon today! Milk-a-what!!  On a funny note, my favorite part of the snow/ice is watching Jacob chase Milo around the house to try and dry off his paws. Which are tracking snow and water all over the place while the chase is occurring! Once Jacob finally catches Milo, his paws are, of course, dry and now free! Haha I love that dog!! I will try to get a video of the chase next time!

Did I mention that it is cold! Ahhhh! It is only like 30°F here, but that is well below our normal temperature for this time of year of about 50°F! I do not mean that I happen to wish our 110°F summer days with 100% humidity were here either! I simply wish for snow that we can play in and summers that we do not feel like we are melting! That is not too much to ask, right?

For those of you not in this area and are blessed with the “fun” snow How about making some snow ice cream?! It is really delicious!
Please remember to use ONLY freshly fallen snow and NEVER use yellow snow! Also I would be weary of using snow from a highly polluted area! In this case you can substitute shaved ice with no problem! This recipe is courtesy of Miss Paula Deen! My favorite southern cook!
Snow Ice Cream:
{       8-10 cups of freshly fallen snow **place a large bowl to collect snow while it is falling. This way you don’t have to worry about scraping any dirt/unmentionables into your delish ice cream**
{       1 (14 oz) can of sweetened condensed milk
{       1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Place snow into a large bowl. Pour sweetened condensed milk (I would probably use less than the whole can, but just make sure it is not too liquidly) over and add vanilla. Mix to combine and serve immediately!  Enjoy!!
In the words of Miss Deen, “We send you love and best dishes from my kitchen to yours! Have a great week Y’all!” I love that lady!!
Stay tuned this week! Surprise giveaway!! Ahhhhh

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