Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Responsibilities on Labor Day!

Hello Again! In case you all don’t know yet, my Sister, Kenzie is going to have a baby. You can read an earlier post about Baby Carlos here. If you are confused by the title of this post please continue reading. It should all make sense in due time. I am not referring to the US National Holiday also known as Labor Day, but to the actual day that my sister will be going into labor. In fact, he should be here any day now. Hopefully not this week, so I have instructed her to cross her legs and be on bed rest. Unfortunately, she has never listened to me and doesn’t plan on beginning now. . .

Since my sister lives in Indiana and the rest of her family lives in Oklahoma we have had to try and plan when baby Carlos is welcomed into the world. This is the first baby in our family and we have had a major learning experience. At one of her recent appointments the Dr. asked what music she would prefer to have playing during all the festivities. My sister is not the most musically inclined. I am not sure she knows how to operate iTunes, much less organize a playlist. I happen to be an iTunes addict, therefore I was volunteered to create the Labor playlist.

I immediately accepted this challenge and address my concerns about what would be appropriate for baby Carlos to be exposed to upon entering the world! Obviously I would immediately veto any hard rap or techno music for the fear that he may turn out to be a “gangsta” or a “Jersey Shore” impersonator. We do NOT, and I repeat do NOT need any more of those running around! Neither of which is what I hope or expect from my nephew! Haha! I then decided that a nice mix of genres would be our best bet. I of course included country (Hello, we are from Oklahoma!), singer/songwriter, instrumental, pop, alternative, Christian, children’s songs, rock and lastly soundtrack picks (also a favorite of mine).
Here is the complete Playlist!

I want Carlos to know the music that his mom have grown up with and loved. That is how New Kids on the Block made the list (circa 1980-1990, not the new NKOTB). Carlos should know that his mother once thought she would marry Donnie and knew every word to The Right Stuff and Hanging Tough. We also may or may not have had the VHS taps of the music videos. Haha!

Country music is very dear to our hearts. Anyone who was born and raised in Oklahoma would probably agree that there is something about country music that can cure any ailment. (Side Note: I am not saying music can cure diabetes or Gout, but ailments like a broken heart or lonesomeness). Since we love country music the way we do I thought it was only appropriate to add Sugarland, Dixie Chicks, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift and Brad Paisley (just to name a few).

And we finally get to my favorite genre, soundtrack. It is only fit to add some Disney songs into the mix. I mean he will be a baby and what better way to portray that than “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid or during the long laboring process what better to perk you up than “Go The Distance” from Hercules?

must also admit that some (ok, a LOT) of the songs are on there for my own selfish reasons. How fitting will “Push It” by Salt n Pepa be in the delivery room? Haha! I also have an addiction to anything off of Glee and there are a lot of Glee songs on the list! I also think that all children should be exposed to Lady Gaga. (Side Note: Have I mentioned that I LOVE her?! April 4th can not get here soon enough! Lady Gaga with my best fran, What?!? Yay!) My love for pop music is much more than Gaga, it extends to Beyonce-Single Ladies (You can’t help but to dance when you hear this!), Katy Perry-Peacock (I just really like this song, haha), Ke$ha-Dinosaur (This song will teach him how to spell D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R, it has to be on the list) and lastly Britney Spears-Womanizer (I know most of these words, which is an accomplishment for me so it must be included.)

I have comprised 85 songs! This should be sufficient for the laboring process and if not I am sure she will just be yelling at Ryan and not really caring what is playing in the background! I am also fairly certain that there is a high probability that 1 or all of us will be kicked out of the delivery room as we rarely take anything too seriously. For example, here is Kenzie before she had pinger surgery. (Side Note: Pinger=Finger). I took her to the hospital and we were left alone for maybe 10 minutes before this all took place! I should also note that she, nor I, were on any type of anesthesia or pain medications. This is just what we do. . .
Apparently Lambchop made an appearance at the hospital. When her face was covered you couldn’t tell it was her speaking and not Lambchop. . . Or so she thought!

The hospital cap could also be used as a lovely beret.

I of course had to make a reference to Beavis & Butthead. One of our favorite cartoons. “I am Cornholio, I need TP for my bunghole! Are you Threatening me?.”

For those of you, who are not familiar with Beavis & Butthead, please enjoy! I will keep you all updated as soon as baby Carlos (Lane) arrives and whether or not we are asked to leave the delivery room. . . Have a great week readers!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things That Make You Say, “What?”

Holá Readers!  I hope you are all having a fabulous week! I just have a few things to share today!
1.      Apparently Mother Nature is reading my blog and has decided to send some fun snow! Although it was only about 1.5 inches, it is still enough to enjoy!
The Lovely view from my desk window! haha

2.      On a crazier note, I legit saw this car on my way to work the other day.
 I don’t know which part of this scenario is the most strange:
a.      This was a GROWN woman, as in like 30ish, who had her car decorated in Batman Gear.
b.      The fact that she had a custom license plate stating that she was “Batman’s Girl”
c.       The realization that Batman is a fictional character and there is in no way she could be “Batman’s Girl”
Or lastly:
d.      This lady possibly has a chemical imbalance that makes one fall in love with fictional characters on an extreme scale and should possibly not be allowed to operate a moving vehicle!

I am going to go ahead and venture to say that there is a high possibility that the car and lady and all the reasons listed above make you say, “What?!?”

Have a great week readers!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

My life is a Comic Strip. . .

I recently had a friend of ours email me this comic strip. He proceeded to explain that the strip reminded him of Jacob & myself.

After reading the comic, I immediately agreed with him. Except the only difference is our dialogue usually goes something like this:

Jacob: "HEY LENZIE" **Shouting**
Lenzie: **pretending I can’t hear him shouting**
Jacob: “HEY LENZ” **Still shouting**
Lenzie: **Deciding if I should answer or pretend I still can’t hear him**
Lenzie: **Decides I still can’t hear him**
Lenzie: **Crap, he knows I can hear him! I should probably answer him**
Lenzie: "What Jacob?" **not shouting**
Jacob: "COME HERE"
Lenzie: “What is it, just tell me!”
Lenzie: "Is it important?"
Lenzie: "Ughhh"
Lenzie: **I stop whatever I am doing at the moment and walk to wherever Jacob is located**
Lenzie: “What is it Jacob?”
Jacob: "Look at Milo, he is sleepy"
Lenzie: "Jacob, you are an idiot"
Lenzie: **Lenzie returns to what she was doing and continues to question why she ever got married, haha**

This is only one of the many reasons for which I am summoned from across the house.
Other reasons include:
"What are we going to eat for lunch, dinner, breakfast?"
"Will you look at my toe, it is red?"
 "What are you doing?"
"Have you seen my wallet, keys or phone?"
and lastly.....
"Watch this play that (Fill in athlete's name) made!" -I usually blank out on the athletes name as I don't care what just happened in the game!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moustache Giveaway!!

Hello my faithful followers! I am sure you can deduce from the title of this post what the next giveaway will be! In case you are a little slow today, I will give you a hint: I have a post explaining the top 10 reasons you should own one of these! You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/gwfKyM! I am sure you have guessed that this week’s giveaway is your Very Own Mustache on a Stick! There are 3 different options to choose from: 1-Imperial Style, 2-English Style and 3-Horseshoe Style!

 I will also give you the option to add glitter on the back!! This is only for the classiest of Classy Moustache Connoisseur. See the below model of the glitter stache!

How to enter the giveaway:
9   Become a Follower of Pirate Karen.
o       How to do that?! Look to the right, under the word FOLLOWERS click the button that says Follow!
9   At the bottom of this post, make a comment stating if you would rather have Style 1, 2 or 3.
9   Winners will be chosen randomly! If you are chosen I will contact you with shipping details!

Not satisfied with a measly moustache on a stick? Order a real one!! http://www.actonecostumes.net/bemusiandse.html
I have to say that I am kind of creeped out by the real ones. For those of you who are less extreme here are some more options to satisfy your Stache Needs:
9   How about a Moustache Magnet? Homework looks much cooler on the fridge with this puppy. Plus it is only $3.00!! You can’t beat that!!

9   For the children within us all, why not order Stache’ shaped crayons! They are only $4.75!! What a sweet deal!

9   Do I have any germ-o-phobes? Wouldn’t you LOVE some soapstaches? I thought you might! Especially when they are only $5.00!!

9   This has to be one of my favorite things! I happen to own one of these! What is even cooler about this mug is that it can be double sided! I happen to have a moustache on one side and vampire teeth on the other side! LOVE IT! Thanks Amber!!

9   Lastly, for the sweet tooth! What could be better than Stache Pops? $12.00 for 6 pops! Yummo!!

I hope you have enjoyed all these Stache-Tastic ideas! Remember to enter the giveaway! 2 winners, I repeat 2 winners will be announced on Friday!!!
Have a Great Week!!

Since I had only 3 entries, You all are winners! I will be mailing your Stache on a Stick Shortly! Yay!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Monday Y'all

Hello Readers! I hope you all had a fabulous week! I know my weekend was not so fun! It seems Jake had a bout of food poisoning. . .  (We are guessing that is what it was, as we are medical professionals! Haha) So my weekend consisted on being a nurse, of which I have NO interest in being as well as being a servant, also which I have no interest in being. I disinfected the entire house in the chance that it was some crazy virus and washed anything that he might have touched! I also threw away any food that he may have eaten. Jacob is a “sharer”. He likes to share drinks, food, everything. I on the other hand HATE and I mean HATE to share! I was apparently absent in elementary school when this lesson was being taught! I don’t mind to share some things, but my drink is OFF limits. Jacob doesn’t understand those limits so I was forced to throw anything he might have swigged when I was not paying attention! It was a looonnnggg weekend that I was glad it was finally over.
This was the fun snow we got last year! No sign of that kind of snow this year!
This is Milo in the snow last year. He is not a fan of snow! It freezes his little feet!
My fingers are frozen. . .

That being said, it started to snow yesterday! Yay snow! Snow in Eastern Oklahoma/Western Arkansas is a rare occurrence. When we usually get snow it is most certainly melted by the end of the day. And we never get the fun snow that you can play in and make snow angles (Side Note: My best Fran Amber pointed it out to me that I had spelled Angles and not Angels. Haha! I happen to think Snow Angles would be just as much fun! We could make Obtuse, Right and Acute Angles! Woohoo Geometry!) and snow ice cream! Yum! We usually get the really wet sloshy snow that is terrible to drive in and even worse to play in. (Side Note: Spell check is telling me sloshy is not a word, Sloshy is so a word! Sloshy-Watery mud, snow! Suck it Microsoft!) This area is not equipped to handle snow or ice. The state will literally shut down if we have 1 in of snow! It is great when you are in school and school is cancelled, but when you have to go to work it is basically zero fun! I did however get to stay at home until around noon today! Milk-a-what!!  On a funny note, my favorite part of the snow/ice is watching Jacob chase Milo around the house to try and dry off his paws. Which are tracking snow and water all over the place while the chase is occurring! Once Jacob finally catches Milo, his paws are, of course, dry and now free! Haha I love that dog!! I will try to get a video of the chase next time!

Did I mention that it is cold! Ahhhh! It is only like 30°F here, but that is well below our normal temperature for this time of year of about 50°F! I do not mean that I happen to wish our 110°F summer days with 100% humidity were here either! I simply wish for snow that we can play in and summers that we do not feel like we are melting! That is not too much to ask, right?

For those of you not in this area and are blessed with the “fun” snow How about making some snow ice cream?! It is really delicious!
Please remember to use ONLY freshly fallen snow and NEVER use yellow snow! Also I would be weary of using snow from a highly polluted area! In this case you can substitute shaved ice with no problem! This recipe is courtesy of Miss Paula Deen! My favorite southern cook!
Snow Ice Cream:
{       8-10 cups of freshly fallen snow **place a large bowl to collect snow while it is falling. This way you don’t have to worry about scraping any dirt/unmentionables into your delish ice cream**
{       1 (14 oz) can of sweetened condensed milk
{       1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Place snow into a large bowl. Pour sweetened condensed milk (I would probably use less than the whole can, but just make sure it is not too liquidly) over and add vanilla. Mix to combine and serve immediately!  Enjoy!!
In the words of Miss Deen, “We send you love and best dishes from my kitchen to yours! Have a great week Y’all!” I love that lady!!
Stay tuned this week! Surprise giveaway!! Ahhhhh

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jacobism 3.0

Hello Readers! And a Big Welcome to my new followers!! I hope you all had a fun filled New Years Weekend! My weekend was great! We got to see family that we don’t see nearly enough!! On a side note, I am playing the lottery today for a chance to win 330 million. So cross your fingers that I win. Then I can be a party planner and blog and bake all day!! Yay!!

Jacob has threatened that if I continue to write stories about his “special” moments he will disconnect my computer. As most of you know, I am the boss, so his threats seem empty. Sometimes his foolishness is just too great not to share! Sorry Jake! On to the Jacobism. . . .

Thank Goodness for OnStar!
For those of you who are not acquainted with my husband let me give you a little background information. Jacob happens to be pretty intelligent in the academic area. The common sense area, however, is lacking at times! We often go on excursions throughout the house trying to find his wallet, his phone or his keys! Jacob is a pharmacist and he only works 4 days per week (we all feel bad for him, right?) This allows Jacob at least 1 day off per week. (Side Note: The day off would be greatly appreciated if it were used to do housework, but apparently golf & Xbox live are more fun.) He also makes it a point to visit his family, who happen to live the next town over. This is also in the town where we went to high school.

On this particular day, Jacob had decided to take our precious little Milo with him on his escapades.
                                                 They are precious! Milo loves outings!

Jacob had decided to go to our old high school and watch the baseball team that Jacob’s uncle was coaching. Since Jacob had Milo with him he could only stay for a short while. The weather was turning bad and a rain shower was not far away. Jacob had decided to leave Milo in the car, with the windows cracked of course! (Side note: This occurred in April so the weather was still cool. Milo was in no danger of heat stroke. Trust me! Jacob would never put our precious puppy in harm (for fear of what I might do to him if he did).) As the rain was blowing in, Jacob realized he had left the keys in the truck with Milo. Jacob walked back to the truck to retrieve the keys. Once Milo saw Jake heading back to the truck he got really excited! He ran to the door to greet him! While running to the door he happened to step on the door lock button. Milo had locked Jacob out of the truck with the rain beginning to fall! We have OnStar on his truck for this reason. This is not the first time Milo or Jacob had locked himself out of the truck. I suspect this will not be the last time, either!
Jacob continued to call OnStar to have them unlock the doors. Since there is a pet/child in the vehicle they put you on the fast track and open the immediately. OnStar finally unlocks the door and Jacob thanks them and hangs up the phone. Jacob then reaches for the handle, but not before Milo steps on the lock button once again. Jacob is forced to call OnStar and have them unlock the doors again. They unlock the doors, but this time Jacob keeps them on the line. Milo once again reaches the lock before Jacob. By this time, the OnStar lady is laughing hysterically because this precious puppy is outsmarting his owner.
Jacob & the OnStar lady devise a plan to keep Milo away from the lock. Jacob was to stand in the middle of the truck and talk to Milo so the lady could unlock the door. Once the door was unlocked, Jacob was to race to the driver’s side door before Milo locked him out again. The third time was a success! Jacob and Milo were finally able to leave and get out of the rain after about 30 minutes of playing chase around the truck!
This same scenario happened again not long after that ordeal, but this time Milo hit the unlock button shortly after locking Jacob out. You would think this would be a learning experience, but he has yet to discover that Milo can and will lock him out!

I hope you enjoyed the story of Jacob’s crazy adventures. I have a video to show you all next time. That is if he doesn't delete it first! Haha!!
Have a Great Week!!