Thursday, December 30, 2010

December has turned into Suckember

Hello Again Readers! I hope you are all having a fabulous week. You may be asking, “Why is December so bad?” Not all Decembers are bad, just this one.  This month I happen to have 2 people moving away. My Sister Jordan is moving to STL and my best Fran Casey is moving to Tehas (Side Note: I am fully Aware that you do not spell Texas with an H, but it is more fun to say). . . Booo!!!

So since they are both leaving me I am dedicating today’s post to them! I will miss them both and I will be depressed at work for a long time! So please hurry and move back! Thanks!
Love Ya!
This is Casey wearing my sunglasses on the way to lunch one day! Haha

Are we driving down the interstate and taking pictures, No Way!!!

Jordan & I on our way to lunch!

Jordan & I at work one day! We love photo sessions!

Pub Crawl 2010 with Jordan & Casey! Jordan is not flipping the camera off, she is giving a peace sign!

Casey teaching me how to do a cartwheel at work. . . He was a terrible teacher-I still can't do a cartwheel!

Lunch Party Take 2! What?!?

Jordan & I, I have no clue where we are in this one though! Haha

I wish you both luck and good times in your new roles. Just know that I will miss you and I lugh you!


  1. that last picture you are at papas and thats me peacing the camera lol not jordan!

  2. Haha I was thought that was Jordan's hand! It very well could have been a not nice sign from either one of you!! Haha