Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Carlos

Hello again readers! This is a strange occasion since I am posting twice in a week. It is pretty slow this week; therefore I have more time to blog. I don’t think I have mentioned this before, but my older sister is about to have her first baby. His name is Carlos. This, unfortunately, is not his actual name, but instead a name I have given him since his parents haven’t chosen a name yet! So if I refer to Carlos, I am referring to my soon to be birthed nephew.

You see Carlos’ father is Ryan (My sister’s husband). Ryan happens to have a strange sense of humor, thus he fits in well with our family. Ryan has a flare for dressing up in strange and often trashy costumes. I have included a few for your reference.
This is Ryan at a Sugarland concert. We bought this t-shirt that reads "Put the hammer down" complete with boot and big rig truck at a truck stop on the way to the show. . . 

This is Ryan at work one day. He looks strangely familiar to Steve from Blue's Clues!!

This is Ryan at work on a different day. I would turn and look and he would be wearing random things. Weirdo!!

I am writing this post to brag about what I have purchased for Carlos. You see, as you can see from the picture below, Ryan likes to wear a faux fu Manchu.
This is Ryan and his friend Craig at college one day. I believe they were directing traffic on campus. (Side Note: Ryan has given me permission to post this picture.)

 I, unfortunately, believe that this gene will perhaps be passed on to poor baby Carlos. Being the great aunt that I will be I have purchased him a starter fu Manchu from Piquant Designs on

As you can imagine, I have since been banned from buying him anything. I have big things planned for him. Keep following, I will keep you updated as soon as he arrives! 

Have a great week readers! 

New Pic Alert!
Apparently, Ryan's friend Lee loves Carlos' new pacifier! I hope Kenzie sanitizes it after this!  Hahahah


  1. those aren't costumes... it's his regular attire, trust me. you should see him in his joe dirt outfit.

  2. Haha I wish I had a picture of his Joe Dirt outfit. It would fit great with this post!