Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Cupcakes?!?

Hello my faithful followers! Well since I have a pretty great group of followers I have decided it is time for a giveaway!!! WOOHOO!! That is right! A GIVEAWAY!! I have recently discovered an amazing Blogger/Baker named Jill. Her blog name is Stay Calm, Have a Cupcake. Here is her site address: http://fontgirl.wordpress.com/  She also has an Etsy store. That is how I originally found her. Once I started reading her blog I just fell in love. I mean, who wouldn’t want to blog and bake cupcakes all day? I know I would! So before I start going on and on and on about my love of cupcakes I will explain how to enter to win your VERY OWN CUPCAKE KIT from Stay Calm, Have a Cupcake! Get Excited, I know I am!! To enter the contest: simply post a comment on this post stating your favorite flavor of cupcake and become a follower, if you aren’t already. A winner will be chosen and announced on Monday, November 22! Good Luck my fellow cupcake lovers!

I thought I would give you a list of a few reasons why Cupcakes kick other desserts’ hiney!
1. Cupcakes are miniatures! I LOVE Miniatures! By reducing the size of an item it automatically makes it cuter and more delicious! Maybe because you know there is less to go around, so you enjoy it a little more!
2. Cupcakes take you back to being a kid. When you didn’t care if you had icing all over your face and that you don’t need a stinkin’ fork to devour this delish treat!
3. Cupcakes are very customizable. You can make any flavor and any icing combination. The possibilities are endless. But I know what you are saying, “You can make cakes & cookies in any flavor, right?” Well that is right, but cakes & cookies don’t come in a totally cute cupcake wrapper! They have all different kinds. I have dinosaur ones at home!  Woot Woot!
4. Cupcakes are portable! You can take a cupcake ANYWHERE! Can you carry a cheesecake outside? NO! You can’t! Can you eat a cake while driving? No, no you can’t without making a mess. (SIDE NOTE:  Jordan- please do not try this as your driving record is not very good as it is.- Love you!)
5. Since cupcakes are so tiny, you can eat more and not feel as bad about yourself. I guess we feel less judged if we eat cupcakes rather than a slice of cake. (SIDE NOTE: All you calorie counters out there leave this one alone! If we want to eat 5 cupcakes and feel better than if we ate a slice of cake it is totally fine-just this once.)

If you still do not lugh cupcakes and my reasons did not tug at your heart-strings, well then I apologize. And maybe one day you will grow to love the miniature cakes as I do!
Remember: Winner will be announced Monday, November 22!!!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Kenzie has won the cupcake giveaway! Yay Kenzie!
**Winner was chosen randomly using: http://textmechanic.com/Random-Line-Picker.html**


  1. I heart cup cakes but probably not as much as you are a sucker for minis! Is that why you married Jacob?

  2. Kenzie, You didn't say your favorite flavor therefore you haven't followed the contest directions. Since I happen to know that your favorite flavor is red velvet I will count that as your entry!

  3. I honestly like all cupcakes...the ones that I'm not a fan of either have coconut icing or are called "muffins." Not cool. Anyway...they are miniature and that causes MAJOR problems...like eating a dozen.

  4. I guess my favorite is a Vanilla or something good like that with a cream cheese/butter cream icing...seriously...never a bad one.

  5. Hi Lenzie,

    Thanks for such a sweet post! I'm glad you love cupcakes as much as I do!!

    Question though, Are you doing this give-away or are you referring to the give-away on itssimplelove.blogspot.com?

    Talk to you soon.


  6. Funfetti with schocolate icing! And yes, Kenzie, I think that's why she married him!

  7. Hi Jill!
    I am doing this give away! I got the idea from your post on itssimplelove.blogspot.com and thought there should be more cupcake giveaways! Love your blog & your etsy store! I will be visiting very soon!

  8. Oh ok great!! I'll make sure to throw in some extra goodies when you order cupcakes for the winner!

  9. Yay! I am sure the Winner will be very excited! I will get with you on Monday about the order!
    Thanks Jill!!

  10. Did Kenzie call Jacob a cupcake? lol

    I love them all!! Vanilla with sprinkles & glitter are probably my fav!!!!

  11. No she called him miniature! haha

  12. Hi! I see you have announced a winner. Make sure to let your readers know that even though not everyone could win - if they use the code SCCS10 they get a 10% off discount plus 4 free cupcakes with any order!

  13. Thanks Jill!! As soon as kenzie picks her flavors I will have the order sent in!
    Casey, maybe next time! :)