Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jordan to the Rescue

For those who read my post about Mexican Fighting Bulls you will have read that Jordan (my little sister) had pulled me from the wrath of the bull to safety. This is not the first time my little sister has had to come to my rescue. There will probably be many more times as well.
One Sunday morning, about 6 years ago, I was getting ready for church. I am most usually running late for everything so this was par for the course. I was rushing around trying to get in the shower. I grabbed my towel from my vanity stool (SIDE NOTE: This stool was solid wood. It was actually a bar stool with the legs cut down to fit under the counter- country engineering at its finest!) As my towel was flying off the stool it had wrapped around the seat and pulled the stool down as well. This brought the stool down onto my left foot, more specifically my pinky toe and the toe directly beside it. This immediately forced some not nice words out of my mouth, promptly followed by an immediate nauseous feeling and some possible tears.
I thought it would be proficient to sit on the stool and gather myself before moving or swearing anymore. I was trying not to hysterically cry and/or puke. I have never broken anything or even been injured or had any surgeries so that feeling was pretty new to me. I then figured that if I was not going to cry, puke or die that I had better continue getting ready for church as I was now completely late. I continued on to the shower. We have small seats in our shower and I was still feeling nauseous so I sat down for a minute. Jordan had just awoken from her slumber and had walked in to find me sitting on the bench with the shower door open to let the cool air inside. After she asked “What are you doing?!?” I had explained about the Satan stool and my poor crushed toes. I continued showering as now I was so late it was almost useless even trying to make it to church, but I was determined to make it there.
This next part is where it gets a little fuzzy to me. At one minute I was reaching up to get my shampoo and the next minute I was laying naked outside in the hall and Jordan was on the phone yelling. Apparently I had passed out in the shower. Jordan was luckily still in the bathroom when this happened and heard a large “THUMP” which was me hitting the shower floor. She ran over to the shower and opened the door and yelled “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” To this, I am not sure that I answered. She managed to lug me out of the shower and semi-wrap me in a towel and then proceeded to call my parents, whom were at an auction and they did not hear their phone. She then had called our older sister, Kenzie, who luckily answered the phone. She had hurriedly explained the situation and asked what she should do. Kenzie’s first question was, “Well, did you turn the water off?” This was in response to her apparent concern for the possibility of me drowning. Jordan assured her that I was not able to drown since I was currently lying in our hallway in a towel. Once I finally came around, about 15 minutes later, Jordan had filled me in on the entire story, since I was apparently a little out of it while this whole ordeal was taking place. My poor pinky toe was surely broken as it was already swollen and purple. I was pretty whiney and pouty about the broken toe for a little while. We eventually laughed about my near death experience and I have yet to hear the end of the teasing about when Jordan had to save my life because of my broken toe!

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  1. FYI.... There were 2 thumps that I heard... The latter thump was you landing on the shower floor, lying there with the water hitting you in the face and me frantically asking "What in the hell are you doing?!" The first thump was when you first passed out and face-planted onto the shower door. So, not only did I hear a thump, I also saw you face-planted on the frosty shower door, which mind you is an absolutely hilarious image which I still laugh about today! You are welcome lol