Thursday, November 4, 2010

6 Reasons That I Am NOT Ready For Kids

Please note that the reason behind this post is not to “bash” anyone with children. I happen to like children and can see myself as a mother, just not anytime in the near future. This post stems from a relentless stream of the following questions: When are you going to have children? Don’t you want children? Don’t you think that you are getting older and it is time to have children? These questions, although highly annoying, are also RUDE. I don’t ask you when you plan on joining the gym or if you have had your yearly mammogram, because it is personal and NONE of my business. Although I try to resist the answer that comes to my head first which is “Why don’t you shut the flip up?” I just smile and answer “When I am 30”. Why 30? Well it seems like a good age to take the next step. I may decide that I am ready when I am 26 and a half or 28, but when I tell people 30 it should give me at least 4 years until I am asked again. I don’t think women should have to defend themselves when they say that they are not ready for children. If you have an issue with me not wanting children at this moment in my life, well I think you don’t deserve to be included in my life.Trust us, when we decide to get preggo and we feel that it is time to share the news, we will definitely let you all know!
Now on to the Countdown:

6. I want to go to the Harry Potter Theme Park! Who wants to take a baby to see Hogwarts? Not me!! I want to dress in my Hermione cloak and carry a wand without smelling of spit up or carrying a child in a backpack or stroller. I guess this means that I may be too immature for children. I am sure there will be a time in my life (maybe) that I would rather push a stroller around a park instead of dressing as a wizard, but that time is not now.
5. The sound of crying babies makes we want to pull my hair out. Seriously! I would vote for legislation requiring people to take crying babies in restaurants, stores and other close quartered environments outside until they have reached an acceptable noise level. Now please don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about Mickey D’s here. But when I go to a nice restaurant I expect the environment to be pleasant and clean. Hearing a wailing baby and seeing a child throw goldfish crackers all over the place does not sound like an enjoyable night out!
4. I am selfish! It is as simple as that. I don’t want to have to worry about taking care of another human being. I want ME time. And after that time is shared with my husband and my family and my friends the rest belongs SOLELY to me. Whether I want to hang in my PJs and veg out all day or head to an afternoon matinee to see a movie. I don’t have to worry about anyone but myself and I like it that way.
3. I happen to have a very sensitive puke sensor. This sensor includes spit up as well as puke. I know what mothers say (except for my own mother who can NOT be within a 100 ft radius of puke or she will gag), “It is different when it is your own child”. Well I am happy for you that you can be covered in your child’s excrement and still be as happy as a clam. I choose to not be covered in baby puke, or anyone’s puke for that matter, for a long while.
2. I still feel young! I am only 26. I don’t feel my “biological clock” ticking away. I don’t feel there is a rush to get impregnated. I just don’t feel that motherly instinct yet. Women have children well into their 30’s and everything is fine. I do not feel that being 40 compared to 45 when your child graduates from HS will make that big of a difference.
1. I LOVE TO SLEEP. Sleep is probably one of my favorite things. I am one of those people who require 8+ hours of sleep at night and the 9+ hours on the weekend. Without this much sleep I tend to get cranky, sick and irritable. When you have kids it is impossible to get that much sleep. Until I require less sleep, I can’t imagine having children.

I hope this clarifies my reasons for not wanting to have children at this moment in time! Once again, I do want to have children sometime, just not now!

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