Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jacobism 1.0

For those of you who might not know my husband I think a little background information might be in order. Jacob is a very intelligent person, but sometimes he says the most off the wall statements. He is not a loud and boisterous person. He is a pharmacist for a large chain store, so clearly he is well educated. He is also an old soul. I swear he is like an old man. He can sit and talk to any person about any subject, which is probably why people like him so well. Luckily for me, and most of you, Jacob has his own type of senior moments. These senior moments include statements or actions that are ridiculous, funny but ridiculous.
Jacob wearing some 1980's shades we found while cleaning out my parent's attic.

 This brings us to our very first Jacobism. Jacob is the type of person that is literally unable to sit and watch an entire movie. He has to get up and move around multiple times. It is like he has ADD, but only during movies. So when a movie keeps Jacob’s attention through the entire showing, it is a rare thing. During our whole relationship I can only think of 2 movies that have been able to hold his attention; Transformers and Transformers 2- The revenge of the fallen. If you know Jacob, this is already weird as he is a huge sports fanatic and usually only wants to watch or listen to something sports related (unless Sandra Bullock is involved, but that will have to wait till the next post).
One Afternoon, Jacob & I were eating lunch at one of our favorite eateries, Blazen Burrito. (Side Note: For those who have not tried Blazen Burrito, it is Wonderful, you should seriously go). This lunch date was shortly after Jacob & I have seen Transformers 2 in the theatre. This is once again a rarity as Jacob usually falls asleep in the theatre, so I refuse to go with him anymore. After our lunch as we were preparing to get up from the table, Jacob proceeds to slam his fists on the table and exclaim, rather loudly I might add “Autobots, Roll Out!” He them promptly left the table and the restaurant. I then sat at the table for what seemed like hours trying to regain my composure and trying to figure out what exactly just happened. I would also like to add that the usual lunch time crowd was in the restaurant at the time and I know for a fact at least 3 tables turned and glared at me. I felt like I was the “Big Sister” taking my “Little Brother” out for a lunch. After my face returned to a much more normal pale alabaster I then left the restaurant to then be asked by Jacob, “What took you so long?” He then went with his day as if nothing had happened and that for a small instance he forgot that he thought he was Optimus Prime. . . .

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