Friday, October 22, 2010

Jacobism 1.0 Addendum

This may be the only time you will read this in my blog: Jacob actually read my last post which happened to be his Jacobism. SHOCKER!! He rarely reads unless it has to do with sports or if he is reading my Cosmo magazine. He usually only reads in short intervals and mostly in the bathroom. (Love ya Jake). So the fact that he read an actual post was pretty impressive.
After reading and remembering his Transformer Mind Blip he took issue with his picture that I posted. One would think he would be angry that the story makes him seem like a really big dork, but no he is angry with the picture. Since I happen to lugh (Side note: lugh = love, but cooler) my husband very much I have agreed to post a better picture. So here is goes:
Jacob in the car on the wat to STL. How can I focus on the road when I am driving beside this?!

Dearest Jacob,
I hope that you love the newest picture. I really think that this picture explains the true you! Although I am very thankful you do not sport a Tom Selleck ‘stache circa 1980. If you are still unsatisfied with this picture, please allow me to photograph you in my zebra print apron that you so graciously adorned while fixing dinner last week.
Your Loving Wife,

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