Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fantastical Tricks of Mr. Lilo

I always swore that I would NEVER be one of those parents that literally can not have a conversation unless it was about their children. And since I technically do not have children (even though I love Milo and Lilo sooo much) I feel that I can post about this accomplishment without breaking my promise. You see, Lilo is talented. And I know what you are thinking. Lilo must be super special in order to make the blog, right? Is Lilo a drug sniffing cat? Can Lilo save lives? Can Lilo speak? (Side Note: the answer to this one is actually yes, he tends to be very vocal if he can see the bottom of his food bowl) (Side-Side Note: Lilo is a boy, aside from the girly name. We once had a cat named Stitch and they were BFFs). I am afraid Lilo can do none of the amazing qualities one looks for in a cat, but what he can do is pretty spectacular. Lilo can catch Q-Tips. He catches them with his paws and makes a paw and Q-Tip sandwich. Please see video below:

Let me explain, the day we recorded this video Lilo was in a particularly fowl mood. We usually have to bribe him with kitty treats so that he will do as we please. Most of the time he will just eat the treats and then run off in the opposite direction, but on rare occasions he will behave and do the tricks we ask of him.
We first discovered this talent when living in Weatherford, Oklahoma. (Side Note: There will be a complete entry on the town of Weatherford; there may also be multiple posts).
Lilo would sit on top of the toilet seat while we would get ready for school. Jacob, my husband, would usually shoot his q-tips across the bathroom into the trash can. Please also note that Jacob likes to think of himself as a shorter, white Lebron James. Now don’t get me wrong, the boy does have skill. He can shoot free throws like it is nobody’s business. Lilo saw that Jacob was getting a little cocky in his q-tip shooting ability so he decided to start blocking his shots. He would literally take his little paw and prevent Jacob’s shot from reaching the trash can. I then began shouting “Ohhhh Rejected” every time this situation arose. Lilo then began catching the q-tips. Now you must understand Weatherford in order for you to understand our appeal of playing catch the q-tip with Lilo. There is NOTHING to do in Weatherford except make up ignorant games with your cat. Since moving from Waetherford, Lilo has lost some of his appetite for q-tip catching. We will still find a random q-tip under the rug that he has retrieved from the container, but I am afraid the good ol’ days are gone. It is a sad, sad day.  

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